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Exclusive Interview: Dhinchak Pooja – ‘’I have not planned and created any strategies to get in the Bigg Boss house’’.

Dhinchak Pooja is an Indian rapper / singer. She is the viral, trending youtube sensation with unique singing skills. She got huge popularity with her song ‘Swag wali Topi’ which got millions of views on YouTube. Later, she came into limelight with another track ‘Daaru’ in January 2017. This song also became an instant hit. After that this girl came back with another song “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj”. This song was viral for many days and now currently she’ll be seen in Bigg Boss 11 house as the newest wild card entry.

Pooja what strategies have you planned to get in the Bigg Boss 11 House?

No I have not planned and created any strategies to get in the Bigg Boss house as everything is happening so much fast and in a rush that I did not get the time to think about it. Once I get in the house, that time I’ll figure out what I’ll do and what I won’t. Now from past 2 days my packing is going on and still it has not yet got completed as of now.

Till now whatever you’ve seen in Bigg Boss 11, what do you feel that with whom it would be easy or tough for you adjust in the house?

I’ve seen little bit of Bigg Boss 11 like may be 10 to 15 episodes have come on TV. But honestly to be very frank I still could not understand and figure out as to what is going on in the house, as I didn’t get to analyse much in such a short period of time and some people’s names I’ve probably forgotten too. Now am trying to see and remember the names of contestants in Bigg Boss 11 house so then maybe I can try to analyse how to stay in the house and how to survive in it too. So let’s see what happens further in the house as when I’ll go over there then only I’ll come to know what is happening, and what could or will happen after my entry in the house.

Are you feeling nervous or excited?

Frankly I am feeling very excited as I’ll get to experience something new in the Bigg Boss 11 house. I’ll get a platform to show case my real self to the audiences. Apart from that, I’ll get a chance to meet Salman Khan. Even in the house, I’ll get to meet new people and will practically live with them too so yes I am very excited to be in the house.

How were you approached for wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 11 house?

The channel, production house and makers had firstly got in touch with my manager for the same after which I personally talked to them about it and then I just said Yes for being a wild card entry in the house so this is how I was approached for the wild card entry in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Pooja have you ever met Salman Khan before?

No I have not met Salman Khan ever in my life.

What is your perception and image of Salman Khan?

No I know it for a fact that Salman’s a very good person and human being in real life. He always supports everyone. I’ve also seen his film and his acting skills are just exceptional and the best. He behaves very nicely with everyone. He does not support people who are wrong.

I’ll get to learn a lot from him and know more things about him in real when I’ll meet him personally and face to face in Bigg Boss 11 house. Till today I’ve just seen him on TV Screen and now I’ll see him for real and get to know more about him.

In the house there’s already a rapper by name of Akash so do you think that your tuning with him will be good considering that he’s from same field as you are i.e. rapper?

Yes I know that there’s a rapper in the house by the name of Akash but I don’t know his way and style rapping as of now as in rapping also there are many styles. So I don’t know and can’t tell or predict from now that how my compatibility would be with him or other members of the house for that fact so let’s see as after talking and interacting only I’ll come to know how will my tuning with him and other members of house will be.

If anyone verbally attacks you in the house then how will you react?

First of all I am not the furious and angry type of person so even if anyone verbally attacks me in the house then I’ll not be angry at all as I won’t give any heed, attention or importance to that person and would stay very cool, calm and composed and sort of unaffected as well. There are only few such rare times when I really end up getting very angry.

Are you an angry type of person in real life?

First of all I am not the furious and angry type of person at all but there are some very few rare moments in my life where I really end up getting very angry otherwise I am very cool, calm and composed and sort of unaffected as well.

How much do you agree with this concept of celebrities and commoners that has been going on since last year?

I don’t think that only celebrities should get a chance but also commoners should get a chance to be in the house. I totally agree that both celebrities and commoners should get an equal chance to be in the house so that they can show their real self to the audiences and people watching them on TV.

Whatever 15 episodes you’ve watched from that who do you feel is going to give you a solid competition?

Competition is there I don’t feel this at all as everyone is giving their best foot forward so even I’ll perform and give my best foot forward as well as public or audiences are the judge since they’ll decide that who’ll stay in the house and who does not deserve to be in the house so audiences will decide our future in this house.

So you’re going prepared mentally and physically to perform tasks in the house?

Yes I am mentally and physically prepared to perform all the tasks in the house but what the task will be, how it has to be done and performed all this will be decided by the makers and channel as it’s too early to predict things like these.

So Pooja are you thinking and going that how long you’re going to survive?

Actually I don’t know and nothing can be said and predicted right now as anything can happen at any point of time in the house like surprise elimination, public vote out, public saving contestants so like these things anything can happen and nothing can be predicted as of now.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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