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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Ekta (Kapoor) Was Really Happy With My Casting”, says ‘PM Selfiewallie’ debutant Nityami Shirke

AltBalaji’s latest web series ‘PM Selfiewallie’ marks the debut of Melbourne born Indian actress Nityami Shirke who plays a dumb fashionista Tanya with a kind heart who enters the political arena without any understanding of it. She replaces her grandmother to become the PM of India knowing nothing about the country as she’s an NRI. How will a girl with no knowledge go onto become the representative of an entire nation infront of the world is to watch out for.

We exclusively chatted with Nityami Shirke who plays the adorable Tanya in this Alt Balaji outing and here’s what her real and not-so-dumb (at all) self had to say:

Q. How did you land the role in ‘PM Selfiewallie’?

Nityami Shirke: I auditioned for the role. They had someone like Kareena Kapoor (Khan) in mind and when they say my pictures it didn’t come through completely so I had to go through 3 auditions and that’s when they were sure of me. Ekta (Kapoor) too was really happy about my casting. I’m so thankful to her for showing such a massive amount of faith in me, specially because I was a newcomer.


Q. How happy were you when you landed this role?

Nityami Shirke: I’m very happy and feel lucky to have landed a role especially like this one.

Q. After doing this web series, do you aim to enter Bollywood films?

Nityami Shirke: Honestly, I would love to do a film but I would look out for any kind of content that I’m passionate about and I feel confident about. Be it digital or TV content, it has to appeal me.

Q. Are there any genres that you’d want to explore as an actress in the future?

Nityami Shirke: I have already done comedy through ‘PM Selfiewallie’, so for my next project I would love to do something different. Maybe something more serious. My dream is to do a biopic. Something where I have to put in a lot of effort as an actor and completely different from what I have already done.


Q. Sometimes despite having made a successful debut, it becomes difficult for actors to find relevant projects. How are you taking your career like?

Nityami Shirke: Every actor embarks an individual journey. Nothing is predictable. I would want to pick up roles that connect with the audiences and for that I myself have to connect with the character and story. It may take time for something so perfect to come your way. I do not believe in doing projects just to be relevant and keep doing something or the other. I would take my time and space to truly understand a subject and then take it up. It’s a big struggle getting your first break and then a struggle to get something else. I’m prepared for my future.

Q. What is your background like?

Nityami Shirke: I was born and brought up in Melbourne but I have frequented to India numerous times. When I was little, I used to visit with my family.

Q. How supportive has your family been with regards to your acting career?

Nityami Shirke: My family is the most supportive family. Anything I have ever chosen to do, I am doing or will choose to do, I know that their support shall always be there. They will stand by me.


Q. Which directors would you like to work with in future?

Nityami Shirke: I would love to work with Zoya Akhtar, Ashwini Iyer (Tiwary), I am a little biased towards the great female directors that we have. But I would also want to work with Imtiaz Ali and Rajkumar Hirani.

Q. What kind of response have you been getting?

Nityami Shirke: I’m getting a great response. So far, people have really liked it. It’s a light hearted fun comedy and the character of a girl who is over the top and clueless. I had to make people like a person like that. The charm is in getting to know her and as the episodes go by, the character really grows on you. So, the reviews that I’ve been getting are good.

Q. What are the elements that shall be the audience so looped to this show?

Nityami Shirke: The issues keep getting bigger with every episode. It’s a clash between her and the dadi. There’s a entire journey that you get to see.

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