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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “I Could see Sanaya (Irani) doing Justice to Her role”, says Short Film ‘Dum Dum Dumroo’ Director Akash Goila

Dum Dum Dumroo’ comes across as a promising psychological thriller which features an interaction between the ward boy ‘Dumroo’ played by Anil Charanjett by whom new recruit in the hospital, Dr. Sneha plays by Sanaya Irani is petrified. The short film being released on Filmeraa Shorts has been produced and directed by Akash Goila, the man who also made the award winning short film ‘Dark Brew’ with Vinay Pathak. After directing a rom-com, Akash brings to us a thriller that deals with the life of an awkward introvert whose actions are set to make a woman really uncomfortable.

Talking about his film to Cinespeaks, here’s what director Akash Goila revealed:

Q. Tell us something about ‘Dum Dum Dumroo’.

Akash Goila: It’s a film on a social cause. It’s about people who share their feelings with a pressure. Sometimes people are in a block and when they express themselves they over do it. They tend to over share. People around them start thinking they’re weird and awkward. They do not socialize.


Q. Does this film highlight the reactions of an introvert in the society?

Akash Goila: When you’re too much of an introvert for a long time, you might over do something to try to fit in while socializing with others. And may enter someone else’s space and the other person may think you’re behaving inappropriately.

Q. How did the concept for ‘Dum Dum Dumroo’ come about?

Akash Goila: Basically there’s a guy called Sonu in our studio in Delhi. He acts weird and in a certain way. He looks a little crazy and female audiences approach him for the first time he behaves in a way that’s not digestible. But for him he is just being normal. That’s when I decided to conceptualize a film around this theme to portray what we see of these people from outside might not necessarily be what they’re going through internally.

Q. Are you trying to normalize a strange behavior through this film?

Akash Goila: I’m just trying to say that don’t be too quick to judge someone and their actions. Wait to understand if this person is seriously doing it, there’s a thin line between a person who is actually incorrect and a person who is correct. There are a lot of police cases registered for indecent behavior with women. Some of the accusers weren’t really think on those lines. I want people to understand that it’s not ok to judge people so fast.


Q. Often when a woman accuses of a man of molestation or Eve teasing, the man’s side of the story goes unheard. What do you have to say about this?

Akash Goila: There is a certain rigidity in our society. Once a girl accuses a man of Eve teasing, you start treating that man differently without even knowing his side of the story. Even a gaze can make a man, an accuser. Sometime you cannot control your eyes for 24 hours. You can’t beat up someone for a stare, can you? Given the state of action that are taken against men without a complete investigation, I think it’s important to safeguard men as much as it’s important to safeguard women. Justice should be prevailed everywhere.

Q. Do you think the film has a universal appeal given its release in subtitles of 7 languages?

Akash Goila: I feel it’s not only India that faces this problem. Introverts are everywhere. I didn’t want to limit the audience to only English speakers. Countries like Russia, UAE, France, Spain, they switch between their language and English. I felt like people from all over the world should be able to feed on this concept and also I think Sanaya (Irani) has a lot of fan following. We were being requested to have subtitles in different languages, so it was being demanded. Keeping languages for film festivals in mind, like France and the idea to spread this concept to a larger audience, we chose 7 specific languages.

Q. How did the casting for the short film happen?

Akash Goila: The casting happened through our casting director Nikhil Vijay Kumar Malhotra. I wanted fresh actors and those who fit in to my characters. Dr. Sneha was not a challenge which is being played by Sanaya (Irani), I could see her doing justice to the role. Dumroo’s character needed a lot of research. I was looking for cringe kind of looks. A person who looks weird and laughs in a weird way, and a guy who can give you a creepy feeling. Anil (Charanjett) had a scare on his face just like Sonu, the guy from my studio.


Q. Without any promotion at all, the trailer of the film has seen a success of YouTube with huge number of views. How happy are you with the response?

Akash Goila: I think we do not have the budgets to do our promotions and bring the film to a grand level. The appreciation we have garnered is because of Sanaya Irani’s fan following and also because of the concept being really different. If you watch the trailer to our short film, the quality is that of a feature film despite it being of 12 minutes. You don’t see short films as short films, it’s looked upon as feature films with a shorter run time. For my previous films also I never had to do any intense promotions. A lot of dark subjects are still not dealt in India so a unique concept always works with the audiences. Our production value is at par with a feature film.

Q. There is a theatre going audience and today there’s a digital audience. How do you differentiate between them and decide which platform to launch your film on?

Akash Goila: I see the minutes with what I can convey my story in. Anybody who doesn’t want to spend much time watching so much content would like to go for a quick snack kind of entertainment which is served through a short film. Wherever this kind of facility is available, which is digitally, they would like to consume a good quick snack. We plan to club this with more films so that people view it in film festivals. We had Mumbai and Dubai premieres. There are other Hindi feature films contesting with us but still we’ve managed to get 50% full seats for a short film. People are paying for the tickets, seeing this I feel a lot of avenues are opening up. First the idea should be to make a good content film with good production value and then the distribution can be thought of.


Q. What are your expectations from the audiences with regards to viewing this film?

Akash Goila: You cannot expect anything. It’s then who can accept or reject anything we present to them.

Q. A lot of digital platforms have associated with your short film ‘Dum Dum Dumroo’. How happy are you about the attention you’ve been receiving?

Akash Goila: I’m happy because people are recognizing the potential of my film. It’s only only feature films who require these associations, actually they don’t even require these kind of promotions, infact independent and short film need more promotion. It’s a noble cause actually to be supporting this bracket of cinema.

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