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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : “I wanted to ask the society the very concept of honor through my movie,” Rahul Dahiya

‘G Kutta se’ is yet another movie with meaning and message which was refused by the censor because of its supposed Adultery and sexual psyche. In an exclusive interview with the director of the movie, Rahul Dahiya, he reveals about how the concept came in his mind and the problems he had to fact from the start for the movie to release.


The movie deals with Honor killing which is still been practiced in some ares of the country. How this idea crossed the director’s mind, we wondered. Rahul said, “The very fact that the film caters to something so important where parents had to kill their children for falling in love is what had me thinking about the concept of ‘honor’. I am from Haryana, not that I have seen this happen but I have heard stories. There have been instances that I have heard of the people who I knew died in the name of honor killing; all this made me think about ‘honor’. How an ‘honor’ of somebody can put you in a situation where you kill your children. The idea of honor is what I want to question the society, is it ego, power or anything else?”

“What can dishonor a person, their own act or act of somebody else? I really wanted to ask this question to the society and this is how I did. Honor is about integrity; my own action can only dishonor me,” he further added.

Since honor killing is a sensitive subject, we had to know if he felt any risky element in making a movie with such a theme. Rahul confessed that he didn’t really care about it although he was aware that thre might be protests and the journey would not be a cakewalk. He felt the subject is important to talk about.
“I did not really think about it, I was aware that something might happen but this is important to talk about. I am selflessly talking about a topic which needs to be discussed in the society. I did not make this movie just because I wanted a controversial subject, but I did because I wanted to,” he said.

Talking about the title about the movie ‘G Kutta se’, he commented: “It was initially supposed to be ‘JG’, which has many meaning itself. It means desire, soul, and heart and caters to many things. The movie despite being honor killing, does not really portray honor killing, but deals with the very core question of what honor really is. It has interpersonal issues that leave a powerful message. But it was an unusual single letter, so we added the latter part. It is indeed an unusual title but we have explained in our face book page giving synopsis of what really the movie is.”

A still from the movie

Since this is his debutant movie as a director, he had faced a few problems in this journey. He threw some light on the same saying, “It’s not easy to make a film, after you have completed your first movie, then you feel prepared for the second one. People are more mechanical in Mumbai, which is not the case in small town. Had my cast and crew been from Haryana or any other place I am familiar with, I would have been more comfortable.”

He also revealed that he sent his movie to Subhash K Jha, an acclaimed movie critic who went ‘gaga’ after watching the film and called it a masterpiece giving four and a half stars.

As the censor board had issues providing a certificate to the movie, we asked the director about his take on the same. “The film also deals with sexual psyche of the society, which might have be a barrier to the censor board and they refused to give us even an A certificate. Films with adult comedy which does not really have a meaning or message but is just for the sole purpose of entertainment passes easily but movies which has meaning and are stuck, that is the reason many films are made but it does not reach anywhere.”
“The film does not really have any obscenity. We didn’t want the film to be about that, we had to be very careful while filming this. We kept ourselves away from skin show. You might feel extreme violence but you will not see it, the impact is such,” he signed off.

‘G Kutta Se’ releases on 16 June, 2017.

Written by – Paridhi Tripathi

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