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Exclusive Interview: Jaideep Chopra – ‘’As a director, I like dabbling in new concepts’’.

Jaideep Chopra is a critically acclaimed film director in the industry today whose debut film was ‘’Maazi’’ (2013) that was a stylish thriller film which had got lots of critical acclaim from the film critics and won many awards as well. After a gap of 4 years, the director is back with his new film ‘’2016 the end’’ a comedy film starring Kiku Sharda (Asse), Divyenndu Sharma (Sunny), Rahul Roy (Decosta), Harshad Chopra (Rahul), and Priya Banerjee (Sheetal).

Tell us the story behind your film ‘2016 The End’ … 
It’s a story of four friends who come to know that the world is ending in 7 days. When they try to tell people about the same, nobody understands them. It’s a story about how they all decide to spend their last 7 days together.

As a director, what did you have in mind while choosing the star cast for your film?
I already had some characters set up in my mind after the script was there. But I really wanted Kiku and Divyenndu to say yes for film and they did say yes for it after listening to the script. I selected Harshad and Priya for their roles in the film after taking their auditions. This is how the star cast was selected for film.

How was your experience shooting with such talented actors ?
It was a very nice experience shooting with all actors for the film. They are all very talented actors. It was a pleasure working with them and it was fun time actually as they all gelled up very well with each other.

As a director, did you have creative satisfaction shooting with them?
Yes, I got 100% creative satisfaction shooting with them. All the actors used to improvise on the set itself while shooting so I was very happy with their enthusiasm and dedication towards film. When in the end I saw the film, it panned out more beautifully than what was expected originally.

Were you the tough taskmaster on set?
No, not at all was I the tough taskmaster on the set while shooting the film.

Did these actors have a habit of cracking jokes in between?
Yes all the time. Like they used to play pranks on each other during the shoot of the film. They also used to just crack jokes all the time with each other. Especially with Kiku and Divyenndu, they both used to crack jokes all the time.

This year has just been about new directors making critically acclaimed films, so how do you see yourself in that?
See, actually this my second film. My first film released back in 2013 was a critically acclaimed film which was dark thriller that got 16 awards and many excellent reviews as well. So this is my second film as a Director but the genre is different.

So as a director, do you like to dabble in new genres?
Yes as a director I like to dabble in different genres and that is basically what I am trying to do through this film as well.

What message would you like to give your viewers?
Please do come to the theatres and watch ‘’2016 the end’’ releasing on the 6th October 2017. It is a light hearted clean comedy film made with lots of passion and hard work which is a complete family entertainer to be watched with entire family.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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