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Exclusive Interview: Jogesh Sehdeva – ‘’It was my dream from long time to be a part of Bollywood films and with Narayan it’s about to come true’’.

Jogesh Sehdeva is an Indian director, producer and actor, who’s debuting into Bollywood for first time as a newcomer where he has acted, directed and produced his own film with his upcoming film Narayan that’s all set to release on 3rd November 2017 this year.

How did you get the thought of coming into bollywood films and directing a film and also producing it?

I had always had this thought and a dream to be a part of bollywood films and 20 years back I had come over here and struggled a lot for 2 years and then went back to my town and during the days when I was struggling, I wasn’t able to do much work over here as there was nothing concrete as such.

I was a finalist in Grasim Mr. India that time but still I couldn’t do anything as such as I come from a normal life and a lower middle class family and marriage so financially we didn’t have that much of money which would make me survive over here in Mumbai so I used to do a job and whatever income I used to get that all just got ended up being spent so I was not able to support my home and I had given myself a time frame that in that said time that whatever I had to do I’d do it in that much time frame.
So after that when nothing worked out I took a decision that since I am elder son of family I’d support my family first and try to settle down back in my town and once I get a little bit settled, I’ll again come back to Mumbai.

After going back to my town I started my own business over there and then slowly I converted that small business into a big empire but it took me 15 years to get my business empire to that level. In that time period, I got married and even had kids and in between I had even left and lost hopes to come to Mumbai and I am a Punjabi by nature and had become a 127 kg guy.

There are a lot of moments in life where you feel the guilt and regret that if only I would have got the chance to do something that I always wanted to and that thing was there in me as well and I am a very emotional person as I liked people performing in films, audiences clapping for them so then one fine day my wife told me that since you’re so emotional you should do something about it.

After taking out some time from my work on weekends, then I started doing theatre plays in Delhi. At first I used to feel very ashamed about the fact that am a 40 year old guy who’s now doing theatre but still I went and after I started doing theatre performances, I started getting a fan following for that as people then started liking my work so that lost self-esteem and self-confidence returned back in me so I thought that yes something can be done.

Second point was that when I saw people who were performing with me in theatre I saw that their circumstances are the same that mine were years back and was even now so then I asked those people that what are your career plans and they were like for career you’ve to leave your parents and go to Mumbai and that fact which they said had a huge impact on me and then I realized that why not I give a chance to these people and I started my film production in Delhi.

What was your inspiration factor behind making this film?

My inspiration factor behind making this film was my own failure. That failure, guilt and regret of not being able to do acting in films and failing very badly in this field even after struggling so much which I always wanted to do used to haunt, hurt, slap and in a way motivate and inspire me that now is the time I really just have to do it anyhow and I have to prove myself to people that even I can act in films and I can’t just back out from this as it was always my only dream to act in films and be a part of film industry.

How did you start writing the story of film?

I started writing a story of a comeback of a man and in what ways he finally came to the place where he always belonged and how he came back to his field after long time so thinking about all this I started writing film ‘’Narayan’’ where by while writing the main lead character I gave him all of my diseases like I had diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid so even that character had same diseases and after that I started writing the storyline of film but I had never even thought I myself will act in film as my wish was that I’ll direct the film but will give chances to new talent in my film and thinking all this I started working on the film.

After that, people were slowly started to getting casted in film as Narayan’s character was such that in it I saw my childhood as well as my present too so childhood part in film is where the child who plays my son says that what have you done for us which was exactly the same way when in my childhood I used to fight with my father and say the same thing to him which kids nowadays do and today I realize that we can’t even have a chance to say a sorry today as my father is not there today in this world anymore. So then I put both Narayan’s and my son’s character in exact same way and in Narayan’s character it was my father’s traits and in the son’s characters it was my childhood traits too so in this way I created and made the script, characters and storyline of the film.

Then I gave Narayan a journey of a comeback where a man who’s now an ex-boxer and now is stuck in his responsibilities and when a huge grave problem comes on his family how he makes a comeback where by in odd situations and circumstances how he gets out of it and how he handles those situations for his family this is the crux of story.

How did you go about for casting actors in your film?

Yes casting was taking place that time and it went on for 5 to 7 months. But the type of character that I was looking for to play Narayan I was not getting such an actor for it as it was a very big and huge commitment as 50% of film was to be shot in fat 127 kg look and rest 50% of film was to be shot in a fit look so I didn’t get that much commitment and from where I’d got the commitment those people didn’t have that level and type of a performance so in the end I asked the people who were working in theatre and they said yes and my guru in the theatre when I discussed this script with him he said that no one other than you can do this role better and even my fitness friends said the same thing to me so that was where I got the motivation to act in the film.

How did the idea of directing the film also fascinated you?

About directing it’s more like when you’ve responsibilities on your head that time you somehow find ways to make impossible possible so yes it was difficult but yes I managed my film a little more properly as I had made my own business empire so I knew by now how to manage people so in that way I managed all the things properly and now the result is in front of you in form of a film.

How did you multi task like acting, directing and producing all together?

It is not impossible but a bit difficult too and if you think about it more than it’s going to be more difficult for you but yes there’ve been incidents where I’ve judged the performances of theatre actors from my ears like since I’d been doing acting in plays in so many theatres so instead of seeing I used to sit and assess their performance and if ears were not happy and convinced then I’d come out of my character, tell them the proper way to do it and sit down again so all those characters I feel like I’ve played in film which was over all a very good experience for me.

On how many screens are you planning to release Narayan in Mumbai?

Approximately somewhere around on 200 to 250 screens we’re planning to release Narayan in Mumbai.

Is your film a small budget film?

Yes it’s a small budget film but actually I don’t even know what is a small or a medium budget to be frank but according to me yes it’s a very high budget film since we’ve definitely gone over the budget now.

What do you feel would be reaction of people and will they be able to relate themselves to this film?

Yes 110% and every person’s reaction would be instant and if they just forget that the film has new performers, small production house and just watch the film as it is so yes everyone would be able to relate themselves to Narayan and somewhere everyone has a Narayan in them even in real life.

Link to official youtube trailer of the film –

By Vrinda Mundara.

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