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Exclusive Interview – Karishma Sharma : ‘’Working with Alt Balaji for Ragini MMS Returns has been a great experience for me’’.

Karishma Sharma is an Indian television actress, who appears in Hindi television serials and also in episodics of some anthology television series. She acted in Pavitra Rishta, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, (as Suheena) Ye Hai Mohabbatein, Love By Chance, Aahat (season 6) and Fear Files: Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein. She has also done a film called ‘’Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’’. She has also appeared as a maid in web series Life Sahi Hai and is currently seen in Alt Balaji’s webseries ‘’Ragini MMS Returns’’.

Karishma how was your experience of working for Alt Balaji’s webseries ‘’ Ragini MMS Returns’’?

It’s not the first time that I’ve worked for Alt Balaji even before this I’ve done Pavitra Rishta and Yeh Hai Mohobbatein for Balaji Telefilms. It’s always been a great experience for me as everybody right from production to direction to creative team everyone is wonderful to work with and is very hardworking as well so it was a great experience honestly.

Did you always wanted to be an actress?

Not really as I originally wanted to be a singer and had even taken official training in classical singing for 3 years for the same and I was in college at that time where they had this section of media and design so then I started modelling when I was in college at age of 17 and when I was 19 I thought that I wanted to take it more seriously and that’s when I did Pavitra Rishta at age of 19 and after that it just went on and there has been no looking back since then so I wouldn’t say that I always wanted to become an actress but my mom said that I always had this drama side in me and I love Shah Rukh Khan from childhood and I also had cut my hair as I wanted to look like Anjali of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and I didn’t eat food for 2 days when Shahrukh died in Kal Ho Naa Ho so I think that this is biggest factor that has bought out the acting kaa keeda in me.

How has your entire journey been from modelling to TV to films to Webseries?

I think that my journey has been very wonderful as there are many people who’re looking out for work but with god’s grace I’ve been very much lucky that I’ve got to do so much of work like obviously I’ve worked very hard on my acting, diction and done workshops as well and I’ve struggled in the start of my career a lot where I gave so many auditions but ever since I’ve started working for Balaji things have really changed for me as first I did Pavitra Rishta then I did Yeh Hai Mohobbatein after that I did a film ‘’Pyar Ka Punchnama 2’’ so it was never ever that I wasn’t working and after that I did a show on Star Plus called ‘’SilSila Pyar Ka’’ now am doing a webseries for Balaji ‘’Ragini MMS Returns’’ and apart from this I’ve already shot for 2 more films so it’s been wonderful and I feel very lucky that I am getting to work back to back and for an actor initially it’s very important that you get work.

Do you feel that working with Balaji has been a game changer for you?

Yes definitely as today if Karishma Sharma is there it’s just because of Balaji, Ekta Mam as she gave me a chance in Pavitra Rishta then again gave me a chance in Yeh Hai Mohobbatein and now it’s a very big thing for her also that she believes in me and gave me this role so now I feel that I’ve a responsibility to atleast give out the best in me and I’ve really worked very hard and done my best for this role.

How was your experience of meeting Ekta Mam during Ragini this time around?

Actually I’ve not really met her but yes I think that am going to meet her today. I’ve not met her that much but like only once or twice but I feel that she’s a great person. She’s a boss baby and she’s done so good for herself that I get very inspired from her as she has in such a short span of time achieved so much for herself and done it by herself and on her own without anyone’s help and I think that she has a great vision and is a visionary as well and I really look up to her as she’s one of my role models.

Was there a pressure on you that you’re being offered a lead role of Ragini in Ekta Kapoor’s brand franchise ‘’Ragini MMS’’?

Obviously I’ve seen the earlier 2 films for getting to know that character much better but yes Ragini is a very big brand and franchise today and I auditioned for it and read the script and I knew right from day 1 that such type of intimate and bold scenes are going to be there since Ragini is a bold girl so I saw that Ragini’s not only sexy but there’s a lot of more substance to the character and I don’t think that there was any pressure as such but yes as I had said that Ekta Mam is believing in me so I had from my end the responsibility that I had to give out the best that I can as Sunny Leone was very amazing, sexy and gorgeous as Ragini in Ragini MMS 2 so atleast if not better than her than I had to put up and match up to her level.

Do you feel that webseries are opening up new avenues for actors, producers and directors?

Yes I think that it’s a great platform for actors, producers and directors as there’s a lot of content that we can’t show in films and TV but with webseries we have a liberty and freedom to put out a lot of content without worrying about censor board as there are a lot of films that’re made but not released because of censor board and it’s not only about sexual content but a lot of things that’s been happening in world but people just don’t want to put it on TV or Films so I think that with web we’ve that opportunity and freedom to express ourselves as an actor, producer and director so it’s a great way for artists to come forward and do what they want to do.

Do you feel that now webseries are gaining that edge over TV and films now?

I feel that everything has their own space to it where there’s a different audience that watches Television and I think that’s going to be there. Web is something very new and has huge potential but I am sure that nowadays it’s so easy to go on the phone as everybody is on the phone watching something as lot of people download films and watch it on their phones and I’ve also seen many people sitting and watching webseries on their phone so I think that web is a great thing as we can actually change people’s perception and mind through web that has been similar for years now so it’s a new thing for a lot of new people and film is a different thing altogether so I feel that 3 of them have a different audience and are different platforms so I don’t want to compare them with each other.

Web is a very booming platform right now so do you think that in near future it’ll have more audiences or more recognition?

Ya I think so because we all like web content very much like we watch Netflix, Hotstar, TVFPlay, and Alt Balaji is now on 3rd position as the best app in India. I feel that it’s a great platform to watch as everyone would be able to watch and also it’s very easy and convenient to do so. If you go to watch a film then you’ve to give yourself 3 hours for same.

You could see that new type of audiences are emerging for the webseries like the one which is the youth that wants to see something new and interesting every time they watch the web and plus with webseries like Hotstar, Voot, Alt TVFPlay you can actually pause it like if am an actor who’s on set shooting and if I want to watch something then I can actually pause it, put it on hold and watch it at the time when I am free. So web is so easy or convenient now that people don’t like to give their 3 hours for a film as people especially in metro cities are busy as they can’t invest 3 hours to go and watch a film so web is a great stress buster for everyone nowadays as we always watch something so that we could get relieved from our entire day’s stress.

How was your rapport with Siddharth Gupta while shooting Ragini MMS Returns?

Siddharth and I’ve been friends from past few years and yes apart from film ‘’Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi’’ this was first time he was seen as doing a full-fledged acting in the webseries. So when you’re friends and working together then automatically you develop a comfort level and rapport with that person and doing intimate and bold scenes with him was not awkward since it was very clinical and it was a great experience for me to be working with him and we both are professionals as we both knew that as actors this is our job as it was in the script and we both did it very gracefully.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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