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Exclusive Interview: Manit Joura – ‘’Working with Bejoy Nambiar is like homecoming for me’’.

Manit Joura is a very exceptional actor in TV Industry who has proved himself as a very good actor in his decade long career. As an actor he has always experimented with his characters and roles by performing them in different genres and he has been very critically praised and acclaimed for the same. He has been successful in creating a permanent niche for himself as an actor in this super competitive TV and Film industry as well. Currently he’s gearing up for the release of his film Solo on 5th October 2017.

Manit your film ‘’Solo’’ is coming, so what are your thoughts about this?

Actually to be honest I’ve never understood this feeling at all. Like the film is not helmed or carried forward by me but I am just a part of the film Solo. But I am very nervous and anxious as well to see that how the film will perform at the box office as if the film does well all the team does well and their hard work pays off but if a film doesn’t do well the entire team involved has to bear the brunt of it too.

Manit your association with Bejoy Nambiar has been since 2013 when you were cast for MTV mini-series Rush so how was it working this time around with Bejoy for a film?

I don’t think that I need to say anything about him as he’s just truly magical. I am not saying this as I have to but only because he deserves these accolades as the way his vision is about the characters of film, the way he directs each and every shot of the film is commendable as you never get to know when you are working with him as to what he is doing as everything is in his head. You ask him any question he always has rationale to it.

How is your rapport with Bejoy?

For me working with Bejoy is like coming back home as I am very comfortable with him. Because I’ve spent so much time with him I know what he wants, needs, approves, disapproves, what type of a take he has, which type of a take he will approve or disapprove. There’s some sort of common connection between me and Bejoy as we both always go by the instincts. I don’t like to rehearse too much and neither does he like it at all since he just likes honesty and even I like to do that like bring the honesty while doing a scene or shot and he always welcomes it with open arms and never questions me for the same. It’s always a beautiful experience working with him as we both complement each other very well.

As an actor you’ve dabbled in different genres like short films, mini-series, music videos, TV Serials and films so how has it changed you as an actor?

To be honest if I have to answer this question then when you have an exposure like this it feels amazing. Like TV has a different flow of working. Film has got a totally different way of working. People are different as the script is different and time involved in it is different as well. The only difference for me would be the time constraints involved in TV and films.

You are working in a TV Show ‘’Kundali Bhagya’’ which is a spin-off of Kum-Kum Bhagya which is a brand now so is there any pressure on you to uphold the name of the brand?

No there is nothing like that at all as I’ve never bothered to take pressure at all. If I take the pressure that I am working for such a big brand of Ekta Kapoor’s Kum-Kum Bhagya then I won’t be able to perform well. I always seek freedom in whatever decisions I’ve made in my life as if you see the type of work I’ve done I’ve not taken anything and everything as I have now completed a decade of my entire career where I’ve been very choosy about the kind of projects I do as I know my name is associated with it since I am a trained actor who has gone to a film school to learn everything and after learning everything by spending so much time over there I do not want to waste it by taking up a wrong project.

You’ve also worked in webseries for Alt Balaji ‘’The Test Case’’ so do you feel that webseries now have more edge on film and TV Serials?

Yes definitely I agree as the makers are filmy people and this webseries is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. He is one person I really loved working with. I am falling short of words to describe about him. He’s a gem of a person. He’s one gentleman who’s just terrific. There’s one word which he uses always i.e. terrific and he himself is very terrific. It has an edge as the concept and subject of army is very imperial and heroic in our country. Army is always patriotic towards their country and no matter whichever country you are from you always have that feeling of patriotism towards your own country.

What type of issues were being discussed in this web series?

The issues being discussed in web series is very new and sort of regular which has not yet been brought up openly to the forefront as no has ever discussed this by far about how in an army full of typical chauvinist males a woman struggles to create her own identity and a niche permanent position for herself. It’s about she survives the problems that she faces very strongly. This concept itself gives you a lot of edge and has an intriguing factor too that makes it more interesting and watchable for the audiences.

How was your experience of working with Nagesh Kukunoor in web series?

There’s one word which he uses always i.e. terrific and he himself is very terrific. He is like a child. He is a very passionate type of guy who enjoys doing his work i.e. direction to the core and I have literally ended up becoming a very huge and big fan of him now.

How was your experience of meeting Nagesh Kukunoor for the first time?

Well I had given 5 screen tests for this webseries. Never ever in my entire life and career have I ever given 5 screen tests for any particular project. But here the final screen test for web series was taken by Nagesh Kukunoor himself. I went for final screen test and pressed the bell one gentleman opened the door and said please come in and that person was Nagesh Sir and I couldn’t step in after that I said my god Nagesh Sir and he said atleast say something else after sir if you can and come in. I was literally freezed at that time to be frank. Then I went in and he was preparing tea. He very gently asked me would you like to drink tea? I said sir I don’t drink tea but since you are asking me I’ll have a sip of tea. Then he gave me few sips of tea to drink and I drank it and tea was so good. He is very unique type of person in his abilities and craft. He works so beautifully and creates a masterpiece out of it. He knows each and every thing related to whatever project he’s working on. He has this childlike quality to just be very involved in each and everything related to the project.

Which are your favourite film directors you’ve enjoyed working with?

I loved working with Maneesh Sharma who launched me in ‘’Band Baajaa Baaraat’’ (2010). Then I loved working with Bejoy Nambiar in MTV mini-series Rush (2013) and the film Solo (2017) and I’ve also loved working with Nagesh Kukunoor Sir (Alt Balaji’s The Test Case Webseries 2017). Working with these 3 directors has always been very enjoyable and great pleasure as these are the type of directors who continuously keep pushing you out of your comfort zone so that you perform your character in such a way that it leaves a huge good impact on people and people end up remembering your character for lifetime and also are very much involved in each and everything related to the films or Webseries that they’re working on.

Any new upcoming projects that are or will be releasing in sometime next year?

Currently my film Solo is releasing on 5th October 2017 and then another film of mine is coming probably in the next year 2018 i.e. ‘’Falsafa’’ with Himanshu Yadav which is a very small budget film but I can assure you that it will be a very good film and I am currently just waiting for the film to have a good release in 2018. This film has fantastic music done by very talented bunch of people which I am sure you’ll love. Plot of the film is very interesting and unique as not many people have ever explored it. In that film my role is completely de glam as I have not at all worked as a hero for the film and I’ve not at all played myself i.e. Manit and there’s no heroine in film as well. I did not at all expect but the film has turned out to be very mesmerizing and beautiful from what was expected originally.

Any particular characters that are your favourites in Bollywood and English films?

In English Films I just loved the character of J Tamata in a very old Robert De Niro film where that character is a boxer. I loved Al Pacino in Scarface (1983). I also loved Al Pacino in Godfather 2nd part (1974). In Bollywood films I loved the character of Paan Singh Tomar played by Irrfan Khan in the film ‘’Paan Singh Tomar’’ (2012). If I’ve to play a role then that would be Paan Singh Tomar if ever it has a second part or remake in other language then.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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