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Exclusive interview of Amitosh Nagpal

Amitosh Nagpal is not only an actor, but also a writer and a producer to be. In the world of entertainment, he has not just limited himself to a single stage but to various forms and types. Cinespeaks spoke with the upcoming talent exclusively about his journey in Bollywood and much more.

He recently wrote dialogues for the much acclaimed Hindi Medium starring Irfan Khan. Talking about the same, he said it is not easy to write dialogues for a movie which has wit and humor but touches you deeply. It takes effort to write dialogues which are light hearted but at the same time serve the purpose of the movie. He also added he enjoyed writing but made sure that in order to bring one language up, the other language doesn’t get unimportant. He made sure about the balance of the two language and no biasedness could be seen so that the film doesn’t look one sided.


As he is both a writer and an actor, we wondered how he maintains balance between the two and if he improvise his own dialogues while acting. Amitosh said, “I try not to interfere unless I am not told to. If I am into acting I will only focus on the job given to me and vice versa. If I am not wearing the cap of the writer, I will not try and behave like one. About improvisations, there was a director who asked me improvise a scene and like it so much that we ended up improvising all the scenes. I am okay if the director asks me to. I shall contribute only when I am asked to.”


Speaking about the balance he maintains, the actor added that he doesn’t intentionally put in any effort to try and maintain the balance. He focuses on what comes his way and does it with utter sincerity. He also adds that life has been good and great for he is able to do what he really wanted to.

We wondered what he enjoys more – acting or writing. Amitosh candidly said that it is always better to play a challenging role than to write a boring story or always exciting to write a good story than to play a dull role. He believes that he can’t compare the two as he enjoys both of them thoroughly.


Adding further, he also stated that if he has to choose between the two, he would go for acting as he has always wanted to do that.

Summing up his journey, he states that people have been kind and he is thankful for he gets to play different kind of roles. “I joined drama in 2003 and did theatre for a while after which I did a telly series called ‘Powder’. Although it didn’t do well but I started getting calls and then movies came my way. I didn’t struggle so much, although there was a lot of bureaucracy involved in the beginning, but I went with the flow and now I am happy things are shaping this way,” he signed off.

Written By – Paridhi Tripathi

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