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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : “Sanjay Dutt inspired me to perform better in Bhoomi” – Ismail Darbar.

Ismail Darbar makes a comeback in the music industry with Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Bhoomi’. In an exclusive interview with CineSpeaks, he talks about his journey, why he likes Arijit Singh and much more. Read on..


How did ‘Bhoomi’ happen?

I am on very good terms with Sandeep Singh asked me to watch ‘Bhoomi’ and after watching the film, Sanjay’s performance touched me so much that I just happened to say that I want to give the Background music of this film. He immediately gave in and after having confirmed with Omung Kumar and the banner, I was a part of the music.

You have returned after five years, did you face any problem while composing music as music has been evolved so much?

It is not just my comeback but also Sanjay Dutt’s comeback. He has performed so well and extra ordinary in the movie that I felt if he can then why not me. Just keeping that in my mind, I composed music for this movie, Sanjay Dutt has inspired me to perform even better in my come back. Rest I am hoping that my work speak for itself.

How was Sanjay’s reaction after listening to your work?

He knows that I am passionate about my work. We respect each other’s work. He was excited when he came to know about my involvement in the movie and asked me about the progress, but I have kept him to wait as I want him to see my final product along with the movie.

Do you like the music that is produced in today’s time?

Every era has witnessed the change in music. But no matter what, if the music is good, people will love it and if it is not, people will dismay it. The good work will always be recognized no matter what, under any era, any circumstances.


Even actors today lend their voice in order to sing, what do you have to say about it?

I believe that it is the stardom which makes people go gaga about anything in a celebrity. Salman Khan, for instance, is so loved and acclaimed that no matter what he does, he will be loved and appreciated. But even he knows he is not a singer that is where the difference is. Also I believe, if you are an actor ad want to sing, you need to have the power and charm over your fans that they get convinced in what you do.

Who do you like in the singers from today’s time?

I really like Arijit Singh, not because he is on number one position today. I can say that he is the pillar of Bollywood music today that once was Rafi saab or Kishor saab. His voice matches with that of the Hero and that is one quality that no one possess in todays’ time. The song would just look like background music if the singer’s voice doesn’t convince to be that of the actor’s. Arijit has that quality in him.

What are your criteria of selecting a movie and giving music to it?

I will make sure that I watch the movie before I decide to give music for the same because if the film doesn’t mark an impression, rest everything goes in vein.

Written By – Paridhi Tripathi

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