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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : “Shiv is the ‘Deewana’ in the movie while I am the ‘Parwana” : Upen Patel

Upen Patel is back on the Big screen after a really long time and how! Starting his career with an established maker, the actor went on to do some extremely mainstream commercials. He also appeared in a few reality shows including Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye. Promoting his upcoming movie ‘Ek Hasina Thi Ek Deewana Tha’, Upen talks with us exclusively about his journey. Excerpts :


How did this you bag the role in the movie?
I got a call from Suneel Darshan’s office that they want to meet and they have a script. I went and really liked the subject and narration. I have worked with Sanjay before he is a wonderful director he has worked with many well acclaimed actors, I really was waiting for a masala commercial and this movie fit in perfectly to that.

Does the movie have any reference with the classic ‘Karz’ as its song titles are used as the title of the movie here?
It does not. This one is a completely different movie. I remember when we were at school and almost every story would start by ‘Ek tha raja ek thi Rani’. I felt nostalgic after having heard the title of this film then, it is inspired the same way, it tells a story. I have expectations, I aspired it, I learned it, I have seen my growth as an actor.

Looking back at your journey, you have been in some mainstream commercial movies, would you like to comment anything about it?
Luckily I have worked with many stars, Subhash Ghai launched me. I have been lucky that some really established makers believed in me. I am doing cinema that has beautiful music, I want to films that audience could appreciate and connect with. I do wait for a while to get the right script and right maker because I believe that is what we should do. If we look at Aamir Khan or Ajay Devgn today, they are really fine actors who work once in a year because they wait for the right kind of script, I do that same with my work.


You took a break and went into Television, what made you jump from Movies and TVs?

There are a various factors that you come to TV including promoting yourself. I did reality shows because being a celebrity they just take you on board and I really wanted to give it a try. It has a wider reach and, you can also showcase your skills. That way people will get to know the real me and not what they see on screen.

How comfortable are you with Hindi now?
(Chuckling) I do have a knack in the language now, I did have problems in the beginning but today I can speak and read very well in Hindi.

You have also done a Tamil movie ‘I’, did you have to learn the language?
Movie are really not about language now, its about emotions and emotions are Universal now. I had to know the meaning of the words I had to say and once you get into them, people would connect with it. There was a lot of prep work involved.


Who is the Deewana of the movie, because we know that the Haseena is Natasha?
Deewana is Shiv and I am the Parvana, the one who can die in love whereas the deewana is the one who can take life for his love.

How was your bond off screen with both you co actors?
I have known Shiv for a long while now, so I was really comfortable with him. Natasha is a totally new character in the movie and the sweetest heart. But I was so engrossed in my character that I would often distance myself from everybody. The movie is a romantic mystery so there was a lot of prep work on sets; we would often be in our characters roles even off set to bring those emotions in our eyes.

Written By – Paridhi Tripathi

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