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Interview: Shreyas Talpade – There’s a little bit of Golmaal in Poster Boys!

Shreyas Talpade started his career with ‘Iqbal’, which was lauded greatly. It was followed by many comedies, including the Golmaal franchise. We have known him well as an actor, but now he releases his directorial debut, ‘Poster Boys’, starring Bobby and Sunny Deol. We caught up with him to know more.

Have you made any major changes to the Hindi version from the Marathi version?
Not really, some sequences and scenes were changed. When I watched the Marathi version, there were some parts that lagged or dragged and so I’ve tried to make it more compact. The Marathi version was based in Maharashtra, this is based in North India. The ages of the characters may differ a little.

Did you become a director by choice or by accident?
We didn’t have a director when I narrated the script to Sunny and Bobby and they suggested that I do it. So, I have wanted to direct for a while but I wanted to start with a short film, but he said that I had a clear cut view of what the film should be and with a good technical team, I could give it a shot.

How did you decide the actors?
I actually had Sunny (Deol) in mind when I was writing the film. He brings a certain credibility to the subject and it being something so sensitive i.e. vasectomies, his involvement would ensure that people know that it is a family entertainer. Also, he is a symbolic he-man of Bollywood and so, his character landing up in such a situation is hilarious. I was glad when they signed on!

Are you worried about the BO collections?
Of course! I would be lying if I said no. But, we have no control over this, so why stress out over it! There is this pressure that the Marathi version did so well, and will the Hindi version do well too.

Who do you prefer – Shreyas as a director, producer or actor?
Actually, it’s my name as a producer, but my wife did most of it. I thank her for it every day. But, I think I prefer direction right now, because when you get a new toy, you always prefer it, don’t you? I really enjoyed it! I thought it would stressful but it turned into a stress buster. My team used to force me into a van eventually telling me I had to get ready for the scene. But, acting remains my first love!

You have two films coming up – Golmaal and Poster Boys. Did shooting both together affect your performances?

No, not really. Actually by the time I started Golmaal, Poster Boys was almost done. A song and post production was left. But I troubled Rohit (Shetty) a lot with my dates and times for shooting. But he really accommodated me, he’s a sweetheart! He’s seen me work all these years and knew how close it was to my heart. The entire team really helped me out and by God’s grace, we were able to multitask! There’s a bit of Golmaal in Poster Boys!











Watch the trailer here!

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