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Exclusive Interview: Sidhant Gupta – ‘’I got a call from their office and that’s how Bhoomi happened’’.

How did you get this role in ‘’Bhoomi’’?

I remember getting a call from their office and then I had to go and meet Omung Sir for the same. When Sir was telling me about my character I could just sense that it was not possible. Then we had a meeting where he briefed me the character followed up by preparation for character and that’s how Bhoomi happened.

You are debuting in Bollywood with this film, do you think this film will grow your career as an actor?

It’s more about doing things in the moment. Like my song with Aditi was out on YouTube and people have appreciated my work very well. It’s a Sanjay Dutt revenge drama film where in film you’ll see that I have a romantic angle with Aditi so in such a type of film it’s that commercial factor whereby a romantic angle, songs are very important as it keeps the film a little light and not too serious.

Was it easy or tough for you to work with Sanjay Dutt in the film?

Frankly before I met him, I was a little nervous but after meeting him my thoughts about him changed completely as he seemed a very different type of a person from what was said by people about him who was very sweet, down to earth, friendly and also has a knack of making people around him comfortable. So it was easy working with him.

Are you still doing Television Shows after this film or only films for the moment?

Actually I have two upcoming projects but I am sorry I can’t reveal anything about them right now. When things will get sorted out and finalized, you’ll come to know about it at that time.

How was your experience of working with Aditi?

Aditi is a very good actress and she has been a part of this industry for a very long time. She’s an amazing actor and thankfully the chemistry between me and Aditi came out pretty well on the screen and even people are liking chemistry between us in the film.

Did you have any differences with director regarding some scene which you didn’t like but had to do?

No not at all actually I am rather the opposite of that as it’s my first role whereby I am finally stepping into mainstream cinema and it can’t be that I’ve a problem as these people have made many films before and they’re just great at their work.

How easy or tough it was for you to work with Omung Kumar during shoot of the film?

No it was not at all tough for me as Work is what you do and may be Omung sir had seen that dedication and commitment towards work in me and signed me up for the film. About Omung sir, he’s a national award winning director who has always had a great sense of vision of how he wants his actors to perform the characters and he’s very honest person and director as well which makes him stand out.

Apart from action is there any other genre that you want to work for in films?

Honestly I don’t know much about genres in films but I would like to experiment in all genres in films. But as far as roles are concerned, I always listen to the script, get the brief of the character and only if it appeals to me and interests me and if I can just instantly connect with it then only I take a final call on it and am going to just stick to this fact for my entire life and career.

Any particular actor/ actress / director you want to work with?

There is not one but many like all the A list actors, actresses and directors I would just love to work with in films. So for now let’s see where my journey in this film industry takes me. Basically working with the best people around who’ve made a name for themselves without any help and carved a niche in the industry is also something that I want in life and I know that someday it will definitely happen.

Your film is releasing Haseena Parkar on same day so will there be a box office clash?

I know that this week its Bhoomi and Haseena Parkar releasing on same day so yes as always there is going to be a box office clash. But I also know that there still are many people who will watch our film as every film has a different set of target audiences that they have in mind for their film as every product that comes out in market has an audience of their own so if people will watch Bhoomi then they’ll watch Haseena Parkar also but I agree that it’s better when any film has a solo release as when there are 2 – 3 films releasing on same day the audiences het divided as well.

By Vrinda Mundara

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