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Exclusive Interview – Suparn Verma: Television and the digital medium will never replace each other!

Suparn Verma is an actor-director-writer with over 14 films to his credit, including Aatma and X: Past is Present. Now he moves into the digital space with his latest web series ‘Yo Ke Hua Bro’. We got into conversation with him to know all about this hilarious series with guest stars like Sumeet Vyas!

You wrote aatma. How do you think the horror genre is doing right now in India?
It’s improving. I’ve seen some of the recent ones and they’re good! But it’s become a bit jinxed. Producers no longer want to invest in it, and as a genre it needs a lot of that. However, if production houses take chances, there is no limit to what we can do!

How come you decided to write a web series after doing films for so long?
The digital medium has grown so well! It’s exploring so many different concepts and it gives me a certain freedom to direct!

Do you think this medium will ever take over TV as an entertainer?
Actually, both the mediums are a credit in their own way. They cater to different audiences and therefore, have different kind of content. The people who watch web series are younger and are thirsty for relevant shows, whereas people who watch television enjoy what is being put on and so, it is better for them. I don’t think one will ever replace the other.

Do you have a vision for Web series too? Or is it just comedy your venturing into?
For now, this is my only online venture. But you never know where you end up. I used to be a journalist!

What’s the web series about?
Well, it’s the story of two Bihari boys who come to the city and are duped by two beautiful girls. Their ordeal becomes comedic as they decide how to deal with their loss! It’s produced by Voot.

What are your favourite books and movies?
Oh…don’t make me choose!
Top 4 books/ series:
1. Autobiography of Yogi – Yogananda Paramhans
2. Letters to a poet – Rainer Maria Riike
3. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case – Agatha Christie
4. The Dark Tower Series – Stephen King

Top 5 movies:
1. ET – Steven Spielberg
2. Elephant Man – David Lynch
3. Underground – Aki Kaurismaki
4. Colors Trilogy – Krystof Kiewloski
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron – Kundan Shah

Any tips for future movie writers?
WRITE! Spend at least an hour of everyday writing. Doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, make it a habit to write everyday without fail. Don’t be discouraged by rejection, it’ll come your way sometimes. Instead, take it in your stride, learn something and move on.

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