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Exclusive Interview : Tanuj Virwani to play a bratty cricket player in his upcoming web-series produced by Excel.

Tanuj Virwani to play a bratty cricket player in an upcoming web-series that is to be produced by Excel. The series is called Inside Edge and Tanuj plays the star player of his team. The show is reportedly based on Indian Premier League. Cinespeaks exclusively spoke with the actor a few days ago about the same. Excepts:


Speaking about how ‘Inside edge’ happened to him, he said, “It all began roughly a year ago. I was called by the casting director who gave me a brief about this web series produced by excel for amazon which is based on cricket and I happen to love cricket. Also the whole concept of web series is rapidly growing and it was exciting to be a part of this. I went and gave the audition and few days later they called me and told me they liked what they saw.”

Further commenting on how he feels it is important for a character to audition, he said, “There is nothing wrong with auditioning. Unless you are not a super star and have that kind of stardom where you know people will watch your movie no matter what, I feel it is important for you to audition. You have got to fit that particular character it is important to audition to find the right person for the right role.”

When asked how it felt like to be under the banner of Excel, Tanuj said, “Excel thoroughly spoiled their actors and crew. At no point any one of us were made to feel less than another. If you are in a good mind space you will be able to perform better for the director and producer. It’s a win-win situation for all.”


Since the concept of we-series is rapidly evolving, we wondered what his take on the same is. “I have watched a lot of American series on amazon; I hardly find movies because of the series. Its like a movie spread out over multiple episodes. A movie is a little difficult because you got to have a beginning, a middle and an end. You can watch it on your tablet, your laptop. Its about a change with this new portal,” Tanuj responded.

‘But what about the technicalities and production cost’, we asked next. Tanuj spontaneously replied, “I am not aware of how much the money is spend on other web series but I do know our production cost was much more although I do not really know that exact figures. It didn’t feel like a web series it felt like a film. I didn’t feel like I was working for a serial. With the technician and the camera and maybe even the production cost felt like a film. As far as I am concerned, my acting style will not be biased deciding on the platform where entertainment is concerned.”

Speaking about his bond with the director Karan and his shooting schedules, he said, “We did spend a lot of time together, he told me that series is like a 450 page script which we have to shoot in 90-100 days, it was daunting because a movie has the same number of days for its shoot with a 150 page script. We didn’t have the luxury of going in 10 or 15 takes. It was a very organic way. Karan is also a writer and he took the best relevance of taking the character to live.”


Speaking about his further plans, Tanuj said, “I am very open to anything that offers to showcase my films. I don’t have any set of rules, as look as I feel there will be good visibility. The only thing I can control in my acting and I would like to work on that. My area of control is not the promotional strategies or how the distributors.”

“I would not like to limit myself as an actor thinking about the medium of entertainment, whatever comes my way, if I find it interesting, I will do it,” he signed off.

Written By – Paridhi Tripathi

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