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Exclusive Interview: Zubair Khan – ‘’Colors Channel told me to give bad slang words in the Bigg boss house’’.

We’ve caught up with Zubair who after getting out of Bigg Boss house was in Lonavla police station to file a case against Salman Khan and Colors Channel in an exclusive telephonic conversation for the same. He has worked in this field for around 20 years. Zubair has earlier also worked as a supervising producer with Endemol. Currently he was also seen as one of the contestants of Bigg boss 11.

Did you carry sleeping pills in the Bigg boss house?

Yes I had carried sleeping pills in the Bigg boss house as I was undergoing a medical treatment for depression problems that I was facing which is why I was allowed to carry my sleeping pills in the house.

Had Salman said about Priyank’s re-entry in Bigg Boss 11 house after he was eliminated?

Yes definitely he had said on camera that you don’t worry Priyank I’ll talk to Bigg Boss and make sure that you get back in the house in a week or two but this part was not shown on TV as they have to edit the entire 24 hours footage to create a 1 and a half hour episode for Colors Channel.

What do you think about Hiten Tejwani?

From the amount of time that I’ve spent in the house I have come to a conclusion as I really feel that he’s trying to portray himself as the cool, calm, composed and morally right person but in reality he’s not that but something else altogether.

Have you filed a complaint against Salman Khan in Mumbai police station as well?

Yes I’ve filed a complaint against Salman Khan in Mumbai police station as well but I am telling you that this entire thing should be run against Salman Khan as according to me he’s not a ‘’Being Human’’ person at all. He has never forgiven anyone since past 15 years and has even literally left no stone unturned in finishing careers of Urmila Matondkar, Vivek Oberoi, Arijit Singh to name a few.

Okay how do you know all these things and how can you say it so confidently in media?

Actually to be honest and very frank I am working in this industry since past 20 years and this industry is very small and here everyone knows how much of a big role Salman had in finishing career of Urmila Matondkar, Vivek Oberoi as actors. He even removed and replaced Arijit Singh in his films songs as well.

That episode which happened after Salman scolded you after that only your health was not well is it true?

Actually after that episode, it was not like my health was not well but I had eaten the entire bottle of sleeping pills that I used to take for my depression problems. After that episode Salman threatened me and I just wanted to leave the house that very moment but these people were not letting me leave so I had to take such drastic measures for the same and I knew that after this thing they’ll take me to a hospital but they didn’t take me to a government hospital as then it would have been a police case with FIR and other things involved so these people then took me to a private hospital. Now I am very determined to fight this case against Salman Khan. He’s not a god for me and I am not scared of underworld but he might be scared of them.

Whatever we have heard that you are the son in law of Haseena Parkar is it true?

I never did mention it at all. I just said that my in laws are from under world who are not letting me meet my kids and wife since past 10 months. Dawood is not the only underworld don but there are other dons in under world as well. 6 years back I had claimed on Live TV that my mother in law’s name is Noor jahan and wife’s name is Sana. But these channel people want to earn money and that’s why are trying to defame me. Channel has spoilt my image but not other people and I don’t have any connection with Haseena Parkar at all.

How did you get approached for Bigg Boss 11?

The channel people contacted me and said that would you like to come on Big Boss 11. And my answer to this was that how did you come to know that right now am free and with no work at all? Then those people started laughing and said why are you telling like this then I said that yes jobless people come over there. Then those people said you take your own time and think about it and give us an answer by Monday. Then I thought that this is a good platform as I could not meet my kids and wife from past 10 months due to my in laws so I can get my thoughts across to the people and I don’t have to go to police or court for same as I want to fight this battle with love. So I had come with this intention in Big Boss 11. Then those channel people said that we’ll keep him emotional and funny and I agreed to that. So they’ve put all my funny moments on net and when I said a bad word they just went viral with it but they’ve not shown the part as to why I said it as that time Arshi, Akash, Puneesh and Shilpa Shinde were just insulting Vikas by saying words like Ghud Gay, Mitthaa, Maamu and Hinjda so this part they’ve not shown at all.

They’ve also said that you’ve said ‘’Kinnar’’ to Arshi is it true?

It is Tit for Tat rule that’s followed everywhere and is universal. As every action has an expected reaction as well. Channel had said that you can use bad slang words too. This is a show for the big and rich people only. Salman Khan said to channel I won’t do the show if there are such type of people in it who use bad words. Channel said to use bad slang words but Salman said not to use them but money to all contestants was being paid by the channel itself not Salman.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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