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Exclusive:Kabir Sadanand discusses virginity and women in his web series, ‘Virgin Woman Diaries’

We caught up with Kabir Sadanand on the eve of his latest directorial venture, ‘Virgin Woman Diaries’ release.

So how did you get the idea for this series?
As we all know, the concept of virginity is very strict in India. There is constant gossip about ‘Oh! She isn’t a virgin’. The rest of the world has gone ahead and we are still in the Dark Ages. My idea was to portray what girls go through, with the standards and labels of society without even knowing the truth. It’s such a taboo topic in media, nobody wants to touch it! My last series was ‘Married Woman Diaries’ was a married woman’s perspective on the institution. It’s very easy for men to say ‘Oh I want a child’, but the wife barely gets a say, when in fact, she is going to go through the labor.

Tell us a little about the plot.

This is the story of an 18 year old girl belonging to a typical Gujarati family. She has followed everyone up till now, she promised her mother that she won’t get involved with anyone until she turns 18. So, it’s her perspective into her relationships and how she grows. Women are constantly told what to do and what not to do. Like there is one scene, where she offers to take her mother to the temple, but her mother says ‘No, you’re on your period!’.

How do you think watching this series is going to affect people’s mindsets?
See, I’m not here to change the world. My last web series garnered a lot of views, so somewhere, people related to it. I wanted to create something like that. If in the bargain I can get just 5 men to understand how women think, I will consider this a success. Men, even parents, they often show off that ‘My son has 4 girlfriends’, but for girls, they establish this fear that they aren’t supposed to do it. We aren’t trying to preach, it’s just entertainment.

Is this a family show?
Yes, it is clean. We didn’t feel the need to put in abusive language or anything. It makes you laugh, it’s absolutely safe entertainment to watch with family.

We’ve heard that you’re a tough taskmaster. Is it true?
I’ve been told this by Nana Patekar too. I was doing a film with him, and he told me ‘You tell that I’m tough, but you’re more stubborn than me!’. But I need things a certain way, if I get that in the first take, perfect! But if doing it again makes me a tough taskmaster, I’ve live with it!

Virgin Woman Diaries releases on 4th September, 2017.

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