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Exclusive: Lara Dutta in conversation with Cinespeaks for Miss Diva

Actress and mother Lara Dutta speaks exclusively to us on the Miss Diva show. Lara is a winner of Miss World and is a popular Bollywood actress who has acted in successful films like Blue and Singh is Bling.

Speaking on Miss Diva, Lara Dutta said, “I am really excited for our girls and we extensively looked for a lot of girls from various cities of our country. We went through a lot of shortlisting process to find the right girls who can represent our country at the Miss Universe. So, I am really excited and our girls are extremely nervous because it is going to be a tough competition among them.”

When we asked Lara as to what all things are required for selection to Miss Diva, Lara Said, “I think people have come to terms that it is no longer about the physical appearance and a particular definition of beauty. It doesn’t matter now what the body statistics are of a girl. Firstly, a candidate should be open minded and have a do or die attitude. She should be a go getter. She should be confident and ready to go through several experiences and be ready for everything. These qualities matter a lot for selection to Miss Diva.’

Speaking on the concept of social media and it’s association with the candidates, Lara Dutta said, “Yes, Social Media is extremely important. It is really important for a candidate to be social media savvy. It can help them to be able to manipulate themselves in different situations and present themselves accordingly. Nowadays, everyone is on social media and the world knows which candidate will represent India. There is so much happening on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. So, things have changed over the years.”

Lara is a beautiful actress and a mother too. When we asked her about her fitness mantra and how she manages work and her daughter, Lara said, “I think fitness and fashion keeps evolving. I try and be as much fit as possible than I was. So, it is about revising yourself with the way your body is. As a mother, I feel blessed to have my daughter. She understands that me and my husband are working professionals and she allows us to work and explore various opportunities.”

On growing popularity of Mrs India and Mrs World, Lara said, “It’s great. I still remember when Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza and I won the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific, Aditi Govitrikar won Mrs World. It is great that married women are getting into these pageants and are confident enough of their beauty and body. So, it is fantastic.”


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