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EXCLUSIVE : Salony Luthra all set for her upcoming short film ‘Kajal’

Salony Luthra is an Actress with a theater background. Her debut film Sarabham (2014) which is a female oriented crime thriller garnered her great praise from the critics and audience for performance a complicated role of two sisters for which she won the prestigious Ananda Vikatan Award for best actress (2015) She received standing ovation at Chicago Film festival for her film Oliyum oliyum (2016) where she played a blind girl. Her other upcoming Hindi short film is Kajal.

Cinespeaks interacts with the lady where she has some interesting revelations to make. Read on..

What inspired you to be a part of ‘Kajal’?

The script. A simple story with a strong message written by paakhi.

The theme of the short movie is equally bold and sensitive, how did you prepare for such a role?

I changed my persona and became a regular working married woman. I saw myself in her. I related to it instantly

What are your inspirations?

To build something out of your life and achieve what your inner gut tells you when there are tons of people to pull you down and demoralize you . People like this inspire me. It’s very difficult to pick yourself every day when you don’t have support, but I take inspiration from people who do.

Did this short film change you in any way?

Yes yes it made me realize that you have to find your strength from within. And that’s what Kajal talks about

Do you plan to debut in Bollywood? If yes, who do you want to work with?

Yes . we have such talented film makers with beautiful stories to tell I would love to work with all of them.

Will we see you more in short films?

Yes my other latest short film Oliyum Oliyum is on YouTube and has been getting great response internationally. It’s also with a very important message.

What is your favorite genre?


How different is to work for TV, for a Film and for a short movie?

They are all very similar or actually… theatre is starkly different. My new play Blackbird opens at NSD Bharangam theatre festival next week in Delhi.

Is language a barrier to you?

Not at all . I feel as an actor language should not be a barrier. I would love to be part of more world cinema films. that’s what made me do my first Tamil film, if the script is good .. language u can learn.. but I would not leave a good role because of language constraint.

What are your interests apart from acting?

I am a traveler, adventure junkie.. I love mountains .. I trek, camp, scuba dive, explore different places.. I recently did a travel show called under the rupee where I show my travel around Budapest.

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