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EXCLUSIVE: UDAY PRAKASH: It is my strong opinion that Marathi- fiction, poem and cinema are far ahead than Bollywood

Uday Prakash is a Hindi poet, journalist translator and short story writer from India. He has also received several awards for his collection of short stories. He has worked as an administrator, editor, researcher, and TV director. He writes for major dailies and periodicals as a free-lance writer. Upcoming film ‘Nashibvaan‘ is based on a book called “Dilli ki Deewar” written by Uday Prakash. 
Produced by Vidhi Kasliwal of Landmarc films, the film is slated to release on 11th January 2019.

Q.Can you tell us something about your book “Dilli ki Deewar”?
Its a short story. The first story deals with tragic irony coming out from black money. THAT TIME IN India, there was no issue of black money, no Anna Hazare, no Kejriwal, no one was there. It is based on one anecdote which was reported in a small insight in some newspapers but it was a true story. So as it happens in fiction, innovation of your own narratives. The book was first published in Sydney, then it caught the eye of the translator, and it was finalist in 2012, BSC award. Second time it was again shortlisted and finalist in Belgium. It is also published in USA by the same title. It has multiple publication, like in India, it was published by hatcher. And it is available in many languages. This is the first time that people are talking about making a film out of it. But Amol said I am going to make a web series in the beginning and I said okay because I knew Amol, he met me in Mumbai, 3-4 years ago. He was young man, enthusiastic in making and directing a film. But I am yet to see the movie.

Q. What are your expectations from the film?
I have lot of expectations from Marathi cinema. It is my strong opinion that Marathi- fiction, poem and cinema are far ahead than Bollywood. As Bollywood is too commercialised. And we hardly find good material. I am fortunate, I used to tell people that Marathi, German and English, these three languages have saved me as a writer. I have around five books in Marathi and my translations got award so I am very happy. And I wish all the best for the success of the movie.

Q. What inspired you to write this book?
I am a book worm and I have opted for a certain kind of life. In 1990 I read a book, it was and the writer was one of the well known economist, Arun Kumar, the title of the book was ‘Black money in India’. In 1990, the black money ratio in running currency in India, was 45%. That means the value of 100 currency notes was around 55rs. I personally feel that now it has gone down to 30 rs. This power of the black money generates creed and lust in everyone. When they can’t earn enough money, they go to gambling and lotteries. So when Slumdog Millionaire was made, it was given Oscar but I laughed at it, it was a foolish thing. So I found this anecdote of a cleanliness worker, it tells about the foulsty of gambling and taking part in KBC. So it is a serious short story. It tells about the tragedy of the poor person and whenever money comes, it comes with so many things. You can’t detach it. Like Gandhi used to say that the capital has inherent violence, if you become too rich, without knowledge you are troubling others, you are consuming a lot, eatig a lot, enjoying a lot, consuming everything from the nature a lot.

Q. Would you like to associate your book again with a movie?
Yeah, sure. People should go for watching a movie which has something to say.


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