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Exclusive : Vatsal Sheth :- ” I’m happy with everything, for me only thing that matters is the character and the role of the script.”

One of the leading sensation on Indian television and the most loved villain on the small screen. Vatsal Sheth has tried his hands everywhere and swayed people by his acting and killer looks. Read on the interview with Cinespeaks to know more about this charming personality.

Q. You have worked in all platforms- TV, Bollywood and Web series. Working on which platform is your favourite?
VATSAL: Yes, I have worked in all platforms, television, movies, web series and television commercials. There’s nothing like favourite platform, its just that in every platform offers something different. Everything has its pros and cons. I’m happy with everything, for me only thing that matters is the character and the role of the script.

Q. Are you going to try your hands in any reality shows?
VATSAL: Reality shows I doubt, because I played these amazing characters in my movies, tv shows but in real life I am very boring person so in reality show I’ll be probably eliminated inthe first episode itself. I don’t think audience wants to see the boring side of me.

Q. Do you think Bollywood’s stance is affected due to fame that web series are getting?
VATSAL: It is true that web series are getting extremely famous these days and it’s wholy because of the content. The series producers are experimenting a lot and the audience is loving it. So definitely Bollywood needs to game up their stance and make amazing scripts that might match the amazing content which web series are offering.

Q. Do you think that Bollywood is lacking in horror genre as compared to Hollywood?
VATSAL: We are not really lacking in Bollywood Hindi films, the audience is different.
On of the best Bollywood horror film, Stree did well. I don’t see Bollywood is lacking than compared to Hollywood.

Q. You’ve been seen in more horror genre than others, is this your favourite genre?
VATSAL: Well, horror is not favourite. However, it’s very interesting. The character which was offered to me in Kaun Hai was very interesting so I took it.

Q. How is your married life treating you? Does your wife, Ishita take suggestions from you in choosing scripts?
VATSAL: My married life has been amazing, no complaints from it. Absolutely loving every bit of it and yes, Ishita sometimes does ask me for suggestions and I do suggest but at the end of the day, it’s her decision when it comes to her work.

Q. Any favourable role or character you’d like to play in future?
VATSAL: I am very big fan of super heroes so I would loved to play super hero roles.

Q. Who is your favourite actor to work with and why?
VATSAL: I think the best Co-actor I have worked with is Shahrukh Khan sir. It was the Pepsi Tv commerical. He was so amazing, I can remember every bit of him.

Q. What’s your take on the on-going #MeToo movement?
VATSAL: The MeToo movement is amazing. It’s doing great. It creates a safer work place for not only women but also for men.

Q. Next upcoming projects that you are working on?
VATSAL: There are few top projects that haven’t been finalized yet with few smaller projects.

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