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Facebook Community Leadership Circles and Out A Loud By Namrata Jain organised a special event this World Mental Health Day

In order to commemorate World Mental Health Day, Facebook Community Leadership Circles and Out A Loud, organised a panel discussion with imminent public figures and addressed the theme of suicide prevention,  deliberating over stress management for millennials. Actor Karan Singh Grover was the chief guest while the panelists included the likes of Neha Kare, RJ Archana Pania, Namrata Jain, Dr Mohit Shah and Dr Sitesh Roy. 
   ” Our Mind is a Powerful and Beautiful thing but is hugely undermined and underrated by the society. We can see our body and take great care of it, but we can’t see our mind and so let it go unchecked, uncared for and unattended. As a Psychologist and Founder of Out A Loud, it’s my sincere request to everyone that it’s time we all pay attention to our Mental Health and Mental Wellness as much as we do for our Physical Health and Wellness.
Don’t Fight your Battle Alone … Seek Help if need be!!” Says Namrata Jain a Psychologist, TEDx Speaker and the Founder of Out A Loud
“Humans are social beings. We feel good when surrounded by friends, family, community in a supportive environment. Being a founder of Unimo Universe of Moms & a Facebook CLC lead for Mumbai City I have watched the community space very closely, community support can help you cope with your problems and encourage you as you work towards wellness. Make sure you have someone around with whom you can relate, it will reduce stress and boost your self-confidence. Remember, depression is a disease of loneliness,” says Neha Kare. 
Karan Singh Grover, who was also part of the panel, says, “All minds matter, especially the young ones, as they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders because they are the future. Everything starts with oneself. Bringing about a change in yourself will bring changes to your surroundings. If you’re happy, that adds to the collective well-being of the people around you. The first step in this river of change is to speak, accept and let go.”

Other celebrities who attended the event included Mreenal Deshraj, Riddhima Tiwari, Jaskaran Singh,  Malhar Pandya, Sambhabana Mohanty, Shweta Rohira, Kunal Thakur, Ansh Bagri, Ashish Trivedi, Rani Patel and Prakriti Nautiyal.

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