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Farah’s take on Bollywood music

Farah Khan reunites with Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam again in order to judge the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’, among all the news of the reunion and the fights between her and her co-judge Anu, we had a quick chit chat with the lady.

Asking her about her fights with Anu, we asked that Anu walked out of the show, to which she immediately replied that it is not he who walks out, but she herself. She clarified that it is she who has to do the cardio as the she walks out and wait for someone to approach her later. She also mentioned that none of the fights were that serious, they have different visions and approaches but they would clear it out and make up to each other.

Talking about her involvement in reality shows, the director shared that this is her 21st reality show and joked about sending her records to the Guinness book. The star also shared her love for Bollywood songs, she made a statement saying “Only Bollywood songs can move me to tears and make me wanna dance”.

When asked if she would collaborate again with Anu Malik, she said she would love to as soon as she figures out what she is to do next.

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