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#FEATURE – Why the missing trailer of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is a reaction to our own laid back attitude towards democracy?

Veteran actor Anupam Kher’s next, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ has been in news off late but sadly for all the wrong reasons.. While any other country would have welcomed such a political film during the time of a political election, it unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case in India and we are sadly not surprised.

Anupam Kher has time and again spoken openly about the amount of effort, research and dedication he had to put in to nail the role of Former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh and after everything, if this is the backlash the movie has to face, it’s plan and simple unfortunate.

Not only did the movie raise sparks and backlash from some Congress representatives who unfairly demanded a pre screening of the film before release despite the movie being cleared by the CBFC, what has now come to our notice is that suddenly the trailer of the movie has gone missing in Youtube and what was to be found in the very first result after searching ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ is now struggling to find a place for itself even in the 50th page despite having millions of views in the trailer already, a rare ‘phenomenon’.

This has naturally made the makers of the film including Mr. Kher worried about the outcome of this. He questioned Youtube India on this and is yet to get an explanation to it..

But the bigger point is, can it actually be explained? Can the politicians creating a negative hype about the movie without even seeing it answer as to where were they when the book by Sanjaya Baru had been already present in public domain for over 5 years? Where were they when time and again snippets and updates of the movie being made were shared in the media by Mr. Kher and team? Or did they not care when the book was in public domain but suddenly decide to go all guns blazing because obviously cinema reaches more people than a book? Were they waiting for the final nail in the coffin to actually harass an actor and his team who have only dared to make an ‘honest’ film with honest expectations? Is the questioned political party too scared of the movie already that apparently they decide to play dirty politics regarding an honest film to save their own image? Is the sudden disappearance of the trailer a conspiracy to curb down the strength Mr Kher has shown to fight for his film?

Too many unanswered questions and we sadly aren’t surprised by this because even after democracy being there, we as citizens who are also promoters of good films have somewhere gone down and accepted it whenever a random political party creates an issue regarding the release of the film.. We have decided not let certain political parties decide the fate of certain films before despite them being cleared by the CBFC. We have let certain political parties come and do things like these which doesn’t fall in their area of work which is why it isn’t surprising in India and somewhere down the line we as citizens are to blamed for being quiet earlier to let such things happen.

Surely a ‘Padmavaat’ wouldn’t have faced losses and issues if we as citizens decided to hold by our democracy and stand for the film.. Surely Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Indu Sarkar’ team wouldn’t have had to be at the receiving end of all the harassment he faced for making an ‘honest’ film in a democratic country if we truly fought and stood for our own ‘democracy’. Surely a film like ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ today wouldn’t be facing a similar issue if we as citizens had reacted and spoken on such issues before to chop the problem off from it’s roots.

Having said that we also believe in ‘Better late than ever’ and concluding with that, we at CineSpeaks would like to openly take a stand for Anupam Kher and his team of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ because as democratic citizens in a democratic country, we stand and support another citizen’s democracy whose only ‘fault’ is to apparently upset a few politicians for making an honest film on an honest subject.


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