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Find out why Salman Khan walked out of the Bigg Boss house?

· The Bigg Boss 10 common contestant, Om Swami, has impressed Salman Khan with his funny antics in the house. But, this week, Om Swami not only manages to irritate the housemates with his absurd behaviour but also makes Salman Khan angry

· In the weekend Ka Vaar episode, while Salman grills Om Swami for commenting against Rohan Mehra and his family. Salman Khan also tries to make him understand that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and one should not say such things

· Om Swami answer to this, that he is just acting makes Salman angry, to which he says that this not any form of entertainment

· And, with Om Swami who just can’t stop talking interrupts Salman Khan while he makes him understand, due to which Salman loses his cool and he walks out of the house saying Om Swami you can keep talking

· Annoyed with Om Swami’s behaviour, the housemates lash out at him has he made Salman Khan angry

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