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Former Indian Cricketer Zaheer Khan to venture into films with Anna’s support?

Zaheer Khan has been one of the most successful bowlers the Indian Cricket Team has ever produced.. He can easily be regarded as the Indian ‘Sultan of Swing’.

ZAK didn’t just manage to trouble batsmen on the field but his impeccable stylish and charming looks made him a hot property among women as well.

So much so that many either seriously or jokingly had advised him into becoming a hero in films as well. However seems like the former Indian fast bowler has taken note from that and has finally taken up that advice.

Yes you heard it right. As per the latest buzz and grapevine, Zaheer Khan is all set to venture into films and guess who has been the pillar as a key deciding factor?

It’s none other than our very own ‘Anna’ , Suniel Shetty.. Shetty has offered Zaheer a sports drama project and the duo met at Sunil’s office on Wednesday to discuss the collaboration further. Suniel and Zaheer became good friends and bonded well when they met at Goa the last time.

Although not too many details have been let out by Suniel’s team, there’s one tweet from Anna which surely confirms the possible collaboration.

Suniel Shetty –

Hey Zak! Buzz is that you’re doing a film?! What’s happenin @ImZaheer

We surely wait to find out more and to get further updates on Zak’s debut film.

By Subhojit Ghosh.

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