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Freida Pinto wants to take it easy, says not in a rush for Bollywood

Freida Pinto, who is currently in the city, says she is in no rush for Bollywood. The actress first appeared in a British Drama “Slumdog Millionaire” in the year 2008. After which appearing in various other Hollywood films like ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, ‘Desert Dancer’ and ‘Immortals’.

She was asked about her upcoming projects and if she has any plans to come into Bollywood soon, Freida replied, “ “I am very excited for April. I have a mini-series that’s coming out on Showtime, I don’t know on what channel it’ll be coming out in India but I super excited about it. It’s very topical. When Bollywood happens, it will happen. You guys will be interviewing me then, whenever it will happen.”

She was along with Ewan Gunn, Brand Ambassador, Diageo in an event to celebrate International Scotch day.

She even revealed which flavor she prefers. “I do love drinking with my dad but the person I enjoy with more is my sister. Because we get into these talks about whose Scotch is better. She naturally veers towards something which is smokier, while I prefer the sweeter, mellow flavor,” she said.

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