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Game of sacrifice turns friends into foes: BB12

The greatest sacrifice is when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake off someone else. But, this is not the case with the Bigg boss contestants. This week’s nomination task has reached its final leg and this time it was Sreesanth’s turn to go inside the Jinn Ki Gufa. Jinn asked Sreesanth to convince Surbhi to destroy the tissue letters written by her to save himself from being nominated. But, Sreesanth immediately said that he does not want Surbhi to do anything for him and is ready to be nominated. But the Jinn refused his request and asked him to do what was told to him. The next one to get trapped in the cave was Romil who asked Somi to shred her family pictures to save him. As the day proceeded it was time for Sreesanth to prove his brotherhood for Dipika and to save Dipika, Sreesanth had to sacrifice his most prized possession i.e his family photographs.

Later, Deepak, Rohit and Romil were seen sleeping even after Bigg Boss’s warnings. They were criticized by Bigg Boss for not being active in the game even when they are couple of weeks away from the finale. Bigg Boss took a drastic decision and asked Surbhi to keep 8 mattresses in the store room. While Surbhi was fulfilling her captaincy duty she asked Dipika to share the bed with Somi. Dipika protested against Surbhi and said she was not being fair. Surbhi and Dipika didn’t agree on each other’s opinion and had a major argument on this. Even Romil and Sreesanth got into a brawl when they were discussing as to who deserves to win the Bigg Boss title. In the heat of the moment, Romil teased Sreesanth that he won’t even let Sreesanth smell the trophy which agitated Sreesanth.

Who will be nominated for this week? How will the contestants deal with their insecurities after coming so close to the finale?

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