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Geetanjali Singh: I want to take up more realistic characters

Actor Geetanjali Singh, who has been part of shows such as ‘Million Dollar Girl’ and ‘Tumhari Pakhi’, will soon be seen in the film ‘Falsafa’. Talking about the film she says, “‘ Falsafa, The Other Side ( meaning – philosophy and deeper understanding of things) is the film that I have just shot for. The movie talks about the other side of revenge, it talks about the evil side of us. How we take the wrong path or evil decisions in one moment of anger and how if we can control that particular moment, that can change many lives. It is a story of real characters, real reactions. The story starts with Aman’s Character and then comes Esha’s character (which I am playing) and there are other characters with multiple layers in the story as well. It has a great concept and a very strong message which people should see and think about,” she says.

The actor is very fond of her character in the movie. “I am playing Esha’s character. Esha is simple yet she is very strong. She is careful from inside yet she is carefree in her attitude. She loves her father and cannot imagine life without him. The only male figure, a hero figure in her life is her papa. The day she loses him, she goes through a shock. There is so much pain inside her but she tries to show that she can control everything. Her character grows with the story,” she says.

Ask her what her falsafa is in life, and Geetanjali says, “My falsafa is, I think, to just focus on what you really want in life and just go with the flow. Life will have its ups and downs and you just have to get on board.”

The actor has worked in both films and TV and says that both mediums are very different. “TV and films both are good and on both platforms, we learn so many different things. Definitely, there is a different kind of pressure while doing TV as there are so many last minute changes in the script and you get dialogues right on the sets at times. You have to perform in a very short span of time. So, it’s a different kind of learning experience. On the other hand, in films we get time to prepare for the character but then it is for a larger set of the audience, so it is more demanding and we have to be more responsible as actors,” she says.

After this she is on the lookout for more interesting roles. “I want to do as many different characters as possible. I want to focus on more realistic characters and concepts. What else can an actor can wish for!” she says.

Ask her who is on her wish list, and she says, “There are many actors who I love but my favourite is undoubtedly Irrfan khan. I think he is effortless and a great actor and a beautiful person. I really admire him a lot…So, Irrfan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan top my list. But I want to work with everyone because every actor, every filmmaker, actually every person teaches you a new thing.”


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