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Govinda speaks about politics and change in movie business

From politics to the difference in the making of movie, Govinda talks about it all. As his movie Aa Gaya Hero is set to hit the theatres in a few days, we see our hero busy promoting his movie.

In a recent interview with the star, he opens up about all. Commenting on the difference that the film industry has witnessed, Govinda says, “when I cam back from politics, I was surprised to see the changes that has occurred in all these years. Now people look at dates and then release their movies. The promotional strategies has changed, advertising and marketing has become a big factor in making the movie a hit. I had no idea about all this, so I had to bear with the consequences.

Since Govinda has been a pro in comedies, we asked him if he saw any changes with how we deal with comedies now. Govinda believes that in all these years, the definition of comedy has changed and he feels it has changed for the better. He also admitted that Kapil Sharma has created a benchmark toay in terms of comedy and he does it with ease and smooth.

Talking about his political career, the actor went candid saying, “I realized very early that this is not the right thing for me to do. I tried escaping from it but somehow the fire chases you once you enter the fire zone. Same happened with politics and that’s okay. I am happy that I am coming back in movies.

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