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Hamid: An uplifting story about bitter truth served through innocence

Cast: Rasika Dugal, Talha Arshad Reshi, Vikas Kumar

Director: Aijaz Khan


If you want to watch a story which holds an element of emotions, truth and innocence, then Hamid is the one! It is set up as story of a Kashmiri boy who learns that 786 is God’s number and decides to ask for his help in bringing home his missing father. He gets hold of his father’s mobile phone and uses the little understanding he has to call on the number. The other end where the call reaches is another main scoop of the film.

We see a naive child, Hamid trying to make a sense out of all the complex things happening around him. His whole experiences takes you on a ride filled with sentiments. 

Hamid’s call is picked up by an officer of the Indian Army. The connection of our Army with Kashmiris is not something new and here the film prepares to witness the rock bottom. 

Hamid shows complex politics happening across Kashmir but the movie deals with the situation immaculately. The film is shared by Hamid and the Army Officer, we see two different worlds which are very varied yet alongside each other’s. Their conversation discovers a balance between the political, personal, cinematic and the social scenario and serves audiences a packed film. 

Talha Arshad Reshi as Hamid is without doubt one of the best child actors our industry has. He not only fits the role perfectly but also makes that character his own. His innocent and unimpeachable role as a Kashmiri boy touches our heart. His mother, Rasika Dugal as Israt has given a top notch performance in yet another film after Manto. She is shown as an emotionally absent mother and a helpless wife who visits the police station every day for over a year in hope of finding her husband. We can feel the pain that she goes through everyday via her acting skills! 

Vikas Kumar, who plays the CRPF cop Abhay in the film was another gem in this movie. He did a brilliant job of showcasing both the sides of the coin; the tough one and the one with the emotional baggage of an Army Officer which often goes unnoticed. His character, took us deep into the loss that the army folks face but rarely gets people’s attention. He portrayed his character with utmost respect and justice! 

Directed by Aijaz Khan, the film offered us a different point of view of the whole situation, he did not flinch from presenting the complex political strands that underlie this situation. The trailer of the film had won hearts and so has the film. The casting was on point and each character was well-written. This film was critically acclaimed across several international film festivals also. 

Hamid presents us with bitter truth. We see is how circumstances and situations have had an effect on both the people and members of the armed forces. And how both are suffering it without any fault of their own. The film gives you an overview of what we see and what actually happens. Movies like these are important not only for our own development but also for our country’s development to follow the path of togetherness. 

Cinespeaks Verdict: This story is emotional and humane like no other. It grasps your attention till the very end. Aijaz Khan takes you away from the world of accusations and conflicts and concentrates his entire focus on the innocence of a child.

Cinespeaks gives 3.5 stars. 


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