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“Having a non-filmy background, I thought of giving up but I never did” – Nushrat Bharucha

Nushrat Bharucha has given us back to back hit films and stunned the audience through her performance. After the huge success of her last film “Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety”, she’s is back on big screen with her new film “Dream Girl, starring along with Ayushman Khurrana, Manjot Singh and many more. In her interview, She shares her experience and her journey till now in Bollywood. Keep reading to know more.

Q. How has your journey been so far?

Nushrat: Honestly, I didn’t know whether I would reach till here but I knew I would make it. I just knew where I was in the beginning. There was a path, there was a journey, I didn’t know what and how to make it but I knew that I would make it. At first, things were really different and difficult for me, coming from a non filmy background and learned a lot of things in these years. So my journey has been from dark walking into light.

Q. You said that you have a non filmy background and been through your ups and downs, did you ever feel like giving up and what do you feel when you look back?

Nushrat: I did want to give up. The idea of giving up had come because I belong from a simple family. My family led a very simple life. They never had big or high ambition as me. When I was into acting, my family felt it would be unachievable. So whenever I turned and looked back, I could see the fear, worries and anxiety in their eyes. Then I felt whether I should give up. But I had the self believe that I could do it. I think every film that came my way, gave me a boast to go one step further. This has motivated me always and the reason I reached till here today.

Q. After your last film, were you more confident as a person ? Do you think you are more confident now?

Nushrat: A part of it, I would say yes. When a film does well, audience like your performance, so that’s gives you more confidence and thus you carry on with your work. I love the way I’m working now and hopefully things will go well.

Q. Your roles are very diverse in every film and being a gutsy actress, what goes behind the thought process of choosing these films?

Nushrat: I think the failure in my career, my most ambitious film “Akash Vaani” that has not made success. But I think that was a very good film and no one has offered me a better one than that till now. It was a lovely film which did not work unfortunately. I rejected to some films I was offered. It opens your eyes to so many things. You think that it’s because of your choice , being smart, or your intelligence to do this film but no, it’s not. You can be proven wrong. That film may not do well at all. In that case, you just have to stick to your job, everyone in the team should do the right job so that the film work. Knowing that I don’t have much in control so I just stick to my job.

Q. Was there any fear to play the character in “Sonu ki Titu ki Sweety” or “Pyaar ka Punchnama”? What made you move to do these films?

Nushrat: There are so many painters, sculptures, poets who did what they feel fearlessly. You will always get hindrance before you deliver your performance. I’m choosing to do this so it’s my choice. No one helped me or dragged me out or asked me what to do or what not to. I have done these films. If it’s going wrong, I’ll face the failure, if it’s going right, I’ll face the success. Liking and disliking of the films depends on the audience. I’ve played the roles of my characters and never ever judged it. Audience judge it in 2 hours. We take years and spend Crore to make a film and convince the audience to watch it but audience take less than a minute to make it flop. People judge very quickly.

Q. Now content driven films are working so well than the star power movies. What do you have to say on this?

Nushrat: I think very soon you’ll get to see me in some web series. I keep on asking for good films which should have good content, story telling. I only look at the story doesn’t matter if it’s a short story or cover story. As long as I’m interested in the story, I will do it or else I won’t. I don’t choose films according to their budget and casting. If I like the story, I do it. People now are wanting to watch content oriented films more. They have seen heros and heroine, same action for a long time so now there should be a change in the story. Audience wants to watch stories which are familiar to them.

Q. Back in 90s, we’ve seen great movies like “Anand”, “Sholay”, that time they had content too. Now why is that content films are working more. As an artist what do have to say?

Nushrat: It’s not like they are saying now. Back in those days, we’ve seen classics films with such rich content. But time has changed after that in late 90’s and 2000’s. They used to shoot in big and real locations, they have shown chasing, running, slow motions and in variation. Like for example, when America went through depression, the first film they made was “Superman”, where a man can fly and save the world. So the concept of superpowers actually meant for the audience so that they can hold on to something during that period. It is still an iconic film. What I’m trying to say is what people are thinking is always a reflection of the state of mind. Need for content has raised because we are going back to what we used to like. Which ever film I do or choose to do, I should enjoy it. I really enjoyed doing “Dream Girl”, especially the song “Radhe Radhe”. During the “Dhagala Lagali” song, I couldn’t stop myself from dancing in that rain. I kept dancing even if the camera was not rolling. I really enjoyed working with Ayushman and had a great time.

Q. If we look in today, few things have changed like your success, Kartik’s success, content driven cinema and feminism. If you get a chance if your film “Akash Vaani” to be released in today’s time. What’s your thinking?

Nushrat: I think at that time, if the movie had big stars in it then it would have been a successful one. I was not a star back then. The changes if I want to make it the movie is made now then I would like to keep the story or the emotions rather a little lighter. I think the subject is a bit heavy. It should give a slight touch to emotions and feelings. Other than that, I would keep the songs same.

Q. Now a days, every actor wants their debut film to be special and personal and to be chosen properly. What do you have to say about your debut film “Jai Santoshi Maa” ?

Nushrat: When I did my debut film “Jai Santoshi Maa”, I was really young. I didn’t know why they offered me this film. No one said yes. I was the only one who said yes. At that point, I felt right to do this film, so that’s why I did. But then, after the movie released and the reviews came out, it really didn’t run well. Now, in general if I’m offered a film, I would use my experience and understanding which I have achieved all these years before saying yes to it. If People can convince me after all my doubts and questions then I would definitely say yes.

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