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Here’s taking a sneak peak into how Pankaj Tripathi got going for his role in Mirzapur web series:

Bollywood and its actors are often co related with the word ‘glamour & style’. But who said one has to always fit into the traditional category of glamorous and stylish to become an actor? While most look forward and crave for that to become one, actors like Pankaj Tripathi have a niche fan following of their own and rightly so.

The actor has been acknowledged for his role as a CRPF Officer in film Newton and had a special mention for his work at the 65th National Award. Despite having given superlative performances in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Stree, Pankaj Tripathi remains the ideal humble actor who is winning everyone’s hearts..And now as we all know the actor’s recent venture was ‘Mirzapur’ web series where his performance has been widely appreciated. But what went on for the actor to prepare for this role?

Looking for an answer? Well we might have wondered this and that has gone into the preparatory stage but actually it’s been nothing additional than just routine work for the veteran actor.

“My experiences in life have taught me a lot. I have had experiences of extremes in my life.. From being poor to going to jail as a studient union leader.. From living in many places.. From interacting and spending time with prolific vip people to spending time with an old UP dacoit, I have done it all. Life is all about experiences and acting is experiencing the reel at that moment to make it real. If you keep on thinking or preparing, you will end up doing only that. There is nothing called perfect acting. It all has to be done seriously as per the emotions. Thats the only way I think which is the easiest way to think but also quite difficult for many to actually think it this easily. That’s my way. “- said the actor while conversing with CineSpeaks.

Such words come from a man who makes acting look effortless on screen. The way his thought process works while shooting for his project etc actually makes us wonder about how effortless and a wonderfully natural actor he is.. Otherwise you simply don’t pull off amazing performances as a negative role as well in a comedy role as effortlessly as he does. If Gangs of Wasseypur and Stree showed us what he is capable of, Mirzapur showed us what more is left for us to see.

While we may not know what they are but surely we can figure out that the way this veteran actor is progressing, we are going to see him do better with every passing project. Well atleast that’s what the audience surely expects now.

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