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Here’s what singer Badshah thinks of the bollywood actress who is having a spat with the media!

Stars and media have seen altercations and disagreements before as well. There was a time when on the basis of assumption, media had banned Amitabh Bachchan for 15 years. There was also a time when the photo journalists of Mumbai reunited once against Salman Khan after the tussle that happened at the event of his film, ‘Kick’.  Although it was by no means Salman’s fault as it was a section of the photographers who had misbehaved and they were instead saved by Salman, but it was Salman who had to be at the receiving end of the media wrath. 

But all these altercations between the media and the actors have been solved amicably earlier because of one basic reason, the basic level of dignity was never compromised. But the latest case of the “self proclaimed highest paid” actress who had an issue with the media recently is different. Not only has she insulted the media downright but she has also resorted to all sorts of name calling and ranting in order to apparently ‘sell’ her film as per the looks of it. 

This resulted in the media more or less boycotting this actress for the time being. Regarding the whole incident when singer Badshah was asked if the actress in question was fair to call the media ‘anti nationalists’ for not liking her film, he said that it is totally unfair to call them so as someone being critical to one’s body of work doesn’t make him or her an anti nationalist. At the same time, Badshah maintained that he thinks probably the actress is going through something personal due to which she has reacted in this manner as whenever she has met him before, she has always been nice to him.

Well whatever it is, the actress in question and her sister need to really get thier priorities sorted before jumping the gun into anything and everything. 


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