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Here’s what Soham Majumder aka Shiva from ‘Kabir Singh’ would do if he met Shah Rukh Khan for real!

Actor Soham Majumder has literally seen his life change post ‘Kabir Singh’. The magnanimity of the original movie, ‘Arjun Reddy’ has helped the movie in a big way with respect to positive pr. Also the film has been facing a lot of flak for the misogynistic approach that has been displayed in various sequences. 

But keeping aside the controversy and the negative aspect of it, what has been deeply admired are the performances and the acting of the actors, especially Shahid Kapoor aka. Kabir Singh and his best friend in the movie, Soham Majumder aka Shiva. 

Soham Majumder has been doing a lot of theatre in Kolkata for his group, ‘Mad About Drama’. However his role in Kabir Singh has made him a hot property recently in the media for interviews and interactions. 

Soham was recently asked in an interview by a leading bollywood website that what would he do if he meets Shah Rukh Khan? 
To this, Soham in the most humble manner responded and said that he would actually for real just faint when he sees him for the first time. Soham revealed that he has been a huge admirer of Shah Rukh Khan for years and he is a huge fan. He also revealed that whenever he gets to meet Shah Rukh Khan, he will just touch his feet and seek his blessings. 

Well, Soham has received a lot of positive feedback from the bollywood insiders including Karan Johar who admired Soham for his work and Karan as we all know is extremely close to Shah Rukh Khan. So Karan are you listening? Maybe just ask Shah Rukh Khan to give Soham a congratulatory call just like SRK did with Vicky Kaushal before? Soham would love it for sure. 


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