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Here’s why Deepika’s fans are upset today inspite of the release of her new film poster!

There’s no doubt about the fact that Deepika Padukone has been absolutely prolific in the last few years of her career. 
2018 was a turning point for her not just professionally but also personally..

After having delivered a blockbuster in the form of ‘Padmaavat’ with her long term beau Ranveer Singh, Deepika decided to tie the knot as well last year in a private ceremony in Italy last year. 

Everything seemed hunky dory for the actress.. She was happy & so were her fans. 

But something happened the other day on FilmFare night which didn’t go down well with her fans at all. 

Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, both were nominated for the ‘Best Actress’ category in FilmFare Awards this time but unfortunately Deeps lost to Alia who was fantastic in ‘Raazi’.  But fans are fans for a reason right? They think mostly from their heart instead of their mind. 

Deepika losing the Filmfare Award didn’t go down well with her fans of a fan page who blamed the organizers for not sharing the award with Deepika if not for Deepika alone. 

Deepika tried to lighten up the situation and instead, like the humble superstar that she is apologized to her fans instead for not standing up to their expectations and for letting them down. Hence inspite of the launch of her new film poster ‘Chhapaak’ by Meghna Gulzar today itself, Deepika had to apologize on the same day for something which isn’t even her fault but will surely be considered as a heart winning action from her end. 

No wonder Deepika realizes now that being a crowd’s favourite isn’t easy as emotions can overflow for you both in a positive and a negative way.  Life of an actress you see.. 


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