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Himmanshu A. Malhotra launches The Unbook!

Paperless Postcards is amongst the country’s largest influencers in the micro-content space. It is a digital community of nonfictional conversations that are sourced from real life. These conversations, full of thought provoking one-liners and retrospection-worthy comebacks are placed on digital postcards making them aesthetically rich and easy-to-consume for the digital user. Given to its crisp format and relatable content, Paperless Postcards is almost addictive in nature.

Paperless Postcards now launches its very first merchandise. But like Paperless Postcards and unlike ‘the usual’, it is too, nothing from the ordinary and hardly something one would expect. Paperless Postcards launches The Unbook, a compilation of their most viral conversations of all times. Aptly named, the Unbook has envelopes instead of pages containing real postcards all packaged and enclosed with a wax seal to multiply authenticity and subtract anything mundane. These envelopes are individually detachable to enable gifting single postcards displaying love, emotions and everything in between. The Unbook has also been covered in an exclusive video launch with television personality Himanshu A. Malhotra.


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