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Holi to reveal the true identity of the Daayan?

&TV’s Daayan has been consistent in keeping its viewers captivated with its ever-lasting chase to reveal the ‘asli’ Daayan behind all the pretty faces. Welcoming the colourful festival of Holi in a unique manner, the show is all set to intoxicate the viewers with an extra dose of curiosity and suspense this weekend.

Bringing yet another suspect to the curious question, ‘Aakhir daayan hai kaun?’, Jhanvi Morya’s (Tinaa Dattaa) list of suspects includes one more name that is all set to leave her shocked and devasted for life. Due to several abrupt incidents that occur at the hands of the Daayan, Jhanvi fights to keep her love and marriage intact with her husband, Akarsh (Mohit Malhotra). On the other hand, she struggles to keep her identity and secret safe in front of her look alike, Kundani Roy’s husband, Viraj(Hiten Tejwani). Jhanvi’s plight is all set to see a new turn during Holi when she realises that her own husband is not who she believes him to be. While she rejoices noticing Akarsh getting insecure seeing her in Viraj’s arms, she senses a strange super natural power within him that is all set to change her feelings for him.

Commenting about this new twist to the plot, Jhanvi a.k.a Tinaa Dattaa said, “Jhanvi’s journey has been a big mystery to viewers and given them several points to ponder on the identity of the Daayan. She has been fighting a rather tiresome yet an empowering fight against her fate and is set to receive a huge setback, one which she couldn’t have imagined. This new twist completely changes the curiosity game of the show and I am sure viewers are going to be captivated by the interesting revelation that is set to come by. I am excited to see the response and know how Jhanvi’s journey will mould after this twist, but I guess only time can tell.”

Constrained by her mission, Jhanvi’s suspect next turns towards her husband. Is Akarsh the ‘Asli Daayan’ who aims to cause a fatal destruction in her life? Will Jhanvi ever be able to find her true love in Akarsh or will she have to suppress under the weight of secrets?

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