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Housemates cook delicious food during BB Dhaba task

¾ For the past 100 days, the housemates have taken up innumerable challenges that have put their talent and abilities to test

¾ This time around, they got a challenge to cook delicious dishes that will be judged on several parameters during BB Dhaba task

¾ Bigg Boss divides the housemates into two teams, team Bani comprising of Manu and Bani and team Lopa comprising of Lopa and Rohan

¾ Manveer is chosen to be the sanchalak and the owner of the dhaba who will receive orders from Bigg Boss and give it to the housemates

¾ Each team is required to complete food orders given by Bigg Boss in a limited time

¾ The garden area is turned into a small dhaba and a kitchen and chaipoy is set up there

¾ The housemates are asked to dress up like dhaba chefs while Manveer wears his kurta pajama

¾ After the gong rings, both the teams have to share their food items with Manveer for tasting and basis his judgment, he is asked to submit the best delicacy to Bigg Boss who will take the ultimate decision

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