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HOW ARUN GAWLI AND ARJUN RAMPAL BROKE THE ICE – The Life Changing Mango Milkshake for Arjun Rampal!


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Much ado has been made about the Arjun Rampal starrer DADDY based on the life of Arun Gawli. From the look of the movie, to the sets that enables one to revisit Mumbai as Bombay to the uncanny similarity between Arjun Rampal and Arun Gawli, Daddy is slated to be one of the most awaited films of 2017. But, what is yet to be known is how the two men, one who is a gangster politician and the other who is an actor, broke the ice and bonded, so much so that Rampal gained the trust of Gawli to give him the rights of the story that is bound to create history. 


It happened on a fateful day when Gawli was to sign the contract but he only had two humble conditions before doing so, the first one was that the two men should milk a cow before signing as his last name aptly suggests “Gaw”li is from the family of milkmen and it was considered auspicious to milk a cow before starting anything new. The second and more difficult condition was that Arjun must have a glass of Mango Milkshake. While the latter seems easy, it was surely the most difficult thing for Rampal as he detests Mangoes and has never had them! The trust between the two men and the fact that Arjun readily gulped the mango milkshake offered to him and also milked a cow with him, was more than enough for Gawli to green light Rampal’s project. Gawli only said a few words at the time and those were, “Tum Pe Bharosa Hain/I trust you.” And that is how DADDY the movie, came into existence!

Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha in association with Raju Chadha, Karta Entertainment and Kundalini Entertainment present Daddy, releasing on 8th of September 2017.


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