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Hrithik Roshan is very intellectual- Karan Singh Chhabra

India’s first Shikh model Karan Singh Chhabra recently met the Kabil cast on his chat show where Hrithik was candid with the host. While speaking, Hrithik shared that his father Rakesh Roshan and King Khan Shah Rukh are on the same page in many areas. Karan says,”I had a great time when Hrithik and Yami came to my show. And also got to know the nitty gritties of the industry. There was a question on who can survive the longest without eating in the film industry. On that Hrithik says,’My father can survive without food and there is Shah Rukh who also doesn’t eat’.” Karan feels his chat show is very unique where he with his unique section always extracts the best from the celebs. On being asked what he likes the most about Hrithik he says, “He is a great person to talk to and very intellectual but he isn’t funny so I will have to think twice before cracking any joke with him. He has great body of work and is very charming as a person. I have seen all his fimls since Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

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