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“I don’t like ruining my six months of hard work in the stress of Box Office numbers”, says Sushant.

Sushant Singh Rajput is all set to make and break records with his upcoming film Raabta opposite Kriti Sanon. The movie enlightens purity and power of love in today’s time. The movie is based on the grounds of reincarnation and he trailer looks outstanding. He spoke to the media recently and had some revelations to do. Excerpts:

Since Kriti and Sushant were both engineering students during their grad times, we couldn’t help but ask if there were any classroom discussions on sets. Sushant did agree that he likes physics and math and would discuss such things on sets but he also admits to Kriti not enjoying so much of these talks and must have thought Sushant to be weird.

We wondered what attracted the most in Raabta, to which our hero replied, “The story and the differentiator of the story is what attracted me. The emotion is not diluted over time. I don’t believe in reincarnation but I did the movie because the story was so powerful. Same with MSD, you know I am not Dhoni but you still watched the movie. That is the power of cinema. When I read a script I would like to believe in the story.

Apart from this, the fact that I think I can pull two characters in a single movie in two hours. There were many technicians working for me and every force is working to create an individual that I played.”
Was it exhausting to play two different roles, we asked next. Sushant said, “I like doing what I do. What I was a kid I would play video game and get lost because it was commanding my attention. That really happens to me all the time when I do what I like. I can’t really say it was my hard work because I like what I do. There were bruises of course, but I had to pull it with a convincing factor.

His co actor Kriti called him to be having traits of a chameleon when it comes to acting, when we asked Sushant about his thoughts on the same, Sushant smiled and said, “I believe in spontaneity. If I am given a role, I give ten different versions of how the role can be played and then choose the most convincing one. Changing the spontaneity, then doing a decent enough job as an actor is my protocol. I first recognize what makes that character and then go about it.”

In the race of box office numbers, we asked Sushant how well he takes up these numbers. Sushant instantly replied, “I don’t like to screw my 6 months of hard work thinking think about the release weekend. I am not saying it for the sake of it, but I realized this during my film release weekend. I worked really hard for Byomkesh and it didn’t do well, I was surprisingly okay. I didn’t pretend to be fine, but it came naturally to me. When MSD released, it opened massively and I was again neutral. I don’t like to be obsessed with numbers.”
He further added, “Acting is just another factor to what makes a film successful. It is not the only pillar so the fate of the film is not just dependent on any individual but the whole unit.”

Since he has played two different characters in the movie, we wanted to know which one he enjoyed playing the most. He replied saying, “You can’t compare two good experiences. I got to play the exciting part of me in one character and the intense character in the flashback scene. I am a foodie so I can’t compare eating a biryani to playing video games.”

Being a dancer, this is the first movie where our hero gets to dance, commenting on the same, Sushant said, “I do not have complaints. Dhoni could not dance and neither could Byomkesh. Since my character in this film could dance. I got to do it and I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

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