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I feel like I am running a production house: Mrunal Jain, owner of BCL team Ahemdabad Express

Actor Mrunal Jain, who owns MTV BCL team Ahmedabad express, says that he feels that he is running a production house. The actor says that he takes his responsibilities as the owner of the team seriously and is working hard to make it the best team in the tournament. “I am the owner, I am the manager, I am everything. I think I am running a production house. The responsibility as an owner is too much. It’s been almost three years now that I and Nandish Singh have been handling the team. This year Nandish is not there because he has his own commitments. Yes, the team will miss him but the responsibilities will get more on me, so this time I’ll be on the field and I and Gaurav will be taking the calls. I am slightly under pressure because there is a whole new team with me. Ahmedabad Express consists of all the new players so it’s going to be slightly difficult for us but not an impossible task,” he says. Kunal Pant is the captain of the team this time.

He adds, “My only vision right now is not to underestimate anybody but make sure we give a strong fight to any team which we play against. I just want to make sure that my team performs well in every match. So, my vision right now is to reach a level of perfection.”

The actor says that he wants the players to feel that he is part of the team, and not just someone who owns in. “I am really happy that they consider me as the most-friendly owner. I just want that more than being an owner, I am part of the team,” he says.

The actor says that Indian audience love TV and cricket and thus will love BCL. “Indian audience are connected to daily soaps and if they see the characters playing cricket, they will relate to them more. More than adding glamour, players get to showcase their individual personality in a game so that’s more interesting for the audience,” he says.


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