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“I find it wastage of money to spend on marriage…..” – Neeru Bajwa.

Neeru Bajwa has worked with Diljit Dosanjh in 5 films till now and their chemistry and camaraderie has been appreciated in all of them. Neetu, a veteran of many Punjabi films is paired opposite Diljit after a hiatus of 5 long years and is all set to bring forward to you, a quirky yet witty take on marriage and it’s consequences in her next titled, ‘Shadaa’ releasing on 21st June, 2019. In a conversation with CineSpeaks, Neeru bears her heart out on the film, Diljit, marriage and a lot more…..

Q) So tell us something about ‘Shadaa’ ?

Neeru – Well it’s a romantic comedy movie with a taste and flavor of humour. It’s a quirky take on marriage and shows the not so positive side of marriage. It is not that we are saying marriage is a negative thing. But it is just about a funny way to look at things.

Q) How many times have you worked earlier with Diljit?

Neeru – Oh, quite a lot. 5 times before to be precise.

Q) How is Diljit as a co actor?

Neeru – Oh amazing. We have a lot in common. We both hate rehearsals but there’s something which is totally natural between the both of us which makes it work. It just clicks naturally whenever the director says action. He is wonderful to work with always.

Q) You and Diljit are working together after 4-5 years. In these 4-5 years, Diljit has had a gradual shift from the Punjabi film industry to Bollywood. What’s your take on that?

Neeru – We are all proud of him. Extremely extremely proud of him and I feel nobody deserves it more than him. Not just because of the hardworking actor that he is but because of the human he is. We are all very proud of him.

Q) Any special reason why you don’t like rehearsals much?

Neeru – I just feel I get very mechanical if I am rehearsing. I am a very spontaneous person and I just feel it works for me that way.

Q) The web space is doing really well right now. Would you like to venture into web?

Neeru – Oh I would love to. There’s great content being made on the web. I just saw ‘Delhi Crime’ and I think it’s wonderful. I would love to do something like that.

Q) Regional films always seem to have an upper hand on content. Any special reason?

Neeru – Well, I feel that regional cinema brings in more connect than any other thing. It’s like every culture is different and they want to relate to that culture so that they connect with it and feel like it is their story. Same for punjabi films and same for marathi or any other regional films. But for punjabis, watching a film is like a family affair and event.. So it is more difficult for us to make a film as we need to cater to all the generations together in the movie. But it’s mainly because of the ability to relate with the content shown.

Q) You have been married for quite long now. Do you miss being ‘Shadii’ ?

Neeru – No not really. Hahhaah I was single and wanted to adopt a child till I was 34.But then later I fell in love and things have worked well. So no I don’t. (Grins)

Q) Do you want to work in hindi films more?

Neeru – Well if something good comes up then why not.

Q) Do you have any dream role or something?

Neeru– No not really.. It has just got to be something of relative ‘substance’. If it is good that way, I am more than happy doing the role.

Q) What is more important to you? Box office numbers or critical acclaim?

Neeru – Box office. Hahaha because then I will understand that the audience have gone to see it. Ultimately, I am a producer and I want producers to make money as they spend a lot of money. There’s no point if my theatre has only critics watching it. Both are important but box office is more important.

Q) How do you evaluate a script as an actor and a producer differently?

Neeru – Well, as an actor it has to be the story. One cannot guarantee if the film will do well or not but the deciding parameter has to be the story. And as a producer? How safe the film is to be made? That’s the question that needs to be answered. (Grins and laughs)

Q) On a funny note, you have worked with Diljit in 5 movies but still he keeps talking about Kareena. Do you feel left out at times?

Neeru– Hahaha that’s really funny. But no because he does talk a lot of good and positive things about me as well. So nothing like that. (Laughs)

Q) What is your and Diljit’s character?

Neeru – Well, I play a wedding planner and he plays a photographer here in the movie and I hire him for a wedding. I do all the destination weddings and stuff. For the rest, you need to see the film.

Q) So you play a wedding planner in the film. A lot of weddings happened in bollywood recently? Any particular wedding impressed you the most?

Neeru – Can I be honest? I think spending on wedding isn’t the smartest of ideas. I mean spending money on so many guests who are not happy with something or the other. Why? I find it wastage of money to spend on marriage personally. I would rather travel. Haha!

Q) What limitations do you think the Punjabi Film Industry has currently? Is it the budget?

Neeru – Well our film had budget. I don’t know to be precise. But it is growing every year.. That’s a positive to look at.

Q) Lastly, what is your take on marriage. Diljit feels it isn’t mandatory to get married. What’s your take?

Neeru – Exactly the same. If you want to get married, go ahead and if you don’t want to then don’t. There are so many who get married and then have affairs. What’s the point? Do what you feel and what your hearts say. It’s that simple.


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