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“I have few projects lined up…”- Gaurav H Singh music director of ‘Game Over’2017

How did you get into music
I liked music since I was just three years old, then gradually I started developing my interest into this field and later I did my western classical music from Trinity, then I studied Carnatic classical a bit, I also studied Hindustani classical from Delhi. I have been a learner and I am still learning.


How come you landed in Bollywood?
“When I was a kid I had no idea about Bollywood, I just wanted to do music. Then with the flow of time, My gradation towards this profession took place and I thought of getting into this film industry”.


How is this industry taking you?
“So far things are going good, God has been kind people have been nice, I have a lot of projects lined up also”.


Who are the singers you have worked with?
“I have worked with many singers- Palak Muchhal, Mohammad Irfan, Sadhna Sargam, Aishwarya Nigam, Karan Oberoi, and many others. These are from my recent film ‘Game over’”


What is there on your bucket list for 2018?
“I have a film coming up where I have given music ‘Strawberry point’, which will release in 2018 and one more film ‘beyond life’ I have done the music for that as well. There is one more project “Who is the first wife of my father” And few are in the pipeline also I’m working on them right now”. I will try not be a run of the mill composer and do different kinds of stuff”.


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