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“If we want to be factual there won’t be a subject called history” Atul Kulkarni’s

Atul Kulkarni has worked in more than 60 films in seven languages. He enjoys the public and critical acclaim for his work not only nationally but also internationally. He believes acting is his vehicle of communication and we so believe in that. He had Raees as his latest release and now he all set for Ghazi Attack. Read on to know more about his role and work in the movie.

Lets talk about your character in the movie..

The character that I am playing is called Devraj. He is an Executive Captain. The hierarchy is such that I have captains above me, but the decisions that are made have to be executed by my character. In ghazi, they send a special man which is played by Rana’s character and the issue is the contradictions in Devraj and Rana’s character, which takes the movie forward.

One of the most stand out things in your career is you have been very particular about your character. What excites you about your role?

As an actor people consider their roles, but for me it is always about the story. I as an actor look at the story as an audience, if I want to see the story as an audience, I would want to play and contribute with my role to the story. Then comes the director who narrates the story, then the actors and other aspects. Ultimately it’s a combination, but I think it starts with a story than a role.

Did you meet the actual navy officers for preparation of your role?

Sankalp, the Director of the movie, who is also an engineer, built a replica of a submarine in his garage. He did his research, invited few of his theatre friends, took that footage and scenes and then he started approaching producers. When he approached me, he showed me all the CG works he had done. So the kind of knowledge that he has about the machine or the Navy or this particular event, I would say he was our one point reference. He has the knowledge of the machine. A submarine is a machine, not a luxury plane where some 100 people can sit and travel. He had all the knowledge if we pull this lever what will happen and the jargons that come up with. After that we of course had internet footage.

When a particular history is so debatable, don’t u have a fear of which is far from reality but neither is false.

History is something which is always contradictory with the change of point of views. Its debatable always, you take any part of any history, it will always have contradictions. If we want to be factual there won’t be a subject called history. Couple of years back I was in a Scotland in a museum, which had point of view from the Scottish army where they said they killed the bandits from India. When we talk about Mangal Pandey we say he did it for India, Scottish Army has their point of view considering Mangal Pandey a ‘Bandit’. Same is with terrorism, who we call terrorist; they think they have died for their own good. Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter to us but was a terrorist to another country for the same event; so these things are bound to happen when History is concerned.

How was your experience working with ShahRukh Khan in Raees?

From the beginning of my career I have been fortunate enough to work with people like Kamal Hassan or Mr. Bachchan or Aamir Khan and now with Shahrukh. The common factor about all these people is the way they look at a particular take which leads to a particular shot to particular scene to particular film; where they want it to be the best. This is one common thing which I have found in all of these guys and that is the reason why there are there where they are. With Shahrukh, this is technically our second film together, first one being Hey Ram although we didn’t have a scene together. But I had a great time working with him.

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