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Indu Sarkar trailer shows intense and gripping truth of the emergency.

The much awaited trailer of Indu Sarkar is finally out and just by the looks of it, we can conclude that Bhandarkar likes to study well for his themes and ideas of a movie.


Set in the Indian Emergency period between 1975 to 1977, Indu Sarkar is a historical drama ready to showcase the ugly and dark truths of that time. Seldom are the cases where a historical drama is waited and anticipated, Indu Sarkar happens to be one of them.

The trailer begins with Neil Nitin Mukesh interviewing a set of important people and giving his perception of the emergency period. He clearly convinces the audience with his looks and signs that he plays a politician and not a good one!

The cinematography and visuals focuses on the time of 70s. Amidst all these, a young woman (Kirti Kulhari) is shown to be fighting with the system on her own. The Pink fame actress stammers in her character and fights against what comes her way. It is nothing but raw and intense to be seeing such side of a woman especially during those days.

Anupam Kher appears to be an asset for the movie with his own measured acting abilities which bring about the perfect bend of class and sophistication.

What stands out are the dialogues, especially the one with the Mahabharata reference of Arjuna and Draupadi (Watch the trailer)

With a movie that challenges the system with a woman playing a revolutionary, Indu Sarkar is worth waiting for!

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