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Interview : Aadar Jain and Anya Singh on their journey into the industry..

Aadar Jain and Anya Singh are the latest newcomers of the Bollywood industry, entering with their new film ‘Qaidi Band’. One is a former model, the other is from the ‘Kapoor Khandan’. Both were launched by Yash Raj Films recently. Let’s see how they are on the eve of their film’s release.

Q: Your film is releasing in 4 days! How are you feeling?
Aadar Jain: I’m very excited! My spirits are really high! I hope people come and watch the film and it becomes critically acclaimed and a commercial success. I hope they appreciate how much we have all put in, because we’ve worked really really hard, the cast and the crew.
Q: Aadar, you come from a family that’s steeped in show business. How did that play a role in you selecting your career?
Aadar Jain: It actually didn’t, you know. When I was growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to become in life. What came to me naturally was entertaining people and making them laugh. Theatre came naturally to me. I was part of all the talent shows! So, when we started going to college, I realized I wasn’t interested in pursuing business or science like the others. I’ve always leaned towards acting. I studied acting in New York, and returned and was an AD with Farah Khan on Happy New Year and then went on to work with Karan Johar on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
Q: Your film is clashing with two films ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ and ‘A Gentleman’. Does that add to the pressure of you guys being newcomers?
Anya Singh: Honestly, it doesn’t. We’ve put in all our hard work and sweat and made this film. What happens beyond this is out of our control anyway. So, whether it’s releasing with 3 other films or 5, if it isn’t a good film it won’t do well. If it is a good film, it will do well no matter what.
Q: There’s another film, Lucknow Central, that’s releasing after your film. It’s also based in jail. Do you think people are going to compare?
Aadar Jain: I love the trailer of Lucknow Central! It’s interesting. But our films are completely different. Although they both are jail musicals, our messages and plots are quite different. So, anyone who has watched the films will realize that. Matra and Mom were similar. Dangal and Sultan were similar. But they all did well.

Q: What are the kind of films you’re hoping to do? What genre do you want to explore?
Anya Singh:Everything! I think an actor should be able to portray all kinds of characters. Comedy, crime….everything. So, I don’t mind exploring all different kinds of films.
Q: Anya, how did you decide to go into acting?
Anya Singh:When I was younger, the very first film I watched was Dil Toh Pagal Hai. After that, I moved to Mayo, which is a boarding school. There, we didn’t have television or anything. We got our gadgets over the weekend. So we had our Discmans and our Walkmans. I loved the weekends for that. Then eventually as I moved to college, I performed onstage a lot and I realized that I loved acting. But my family is really far away from showbiz. My grandfather was in the army, my mother is a corporate professional, my dad’s an actor. They were just like ‘no way’! I tried to repress my desires during college but it always came out. So finally, I begged my mother for some time. She gave me one year. After that, I wouldn’t ask. I was overjoyed! I moved to Mumbai and last year in July, I was selected by YRF.
Qaidi Band releases on 25th August, 2017.


By: Divya Mehta

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