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Interview: Aamir Khan – ‘’Shakti Kumar is a very amazing character and i enjoyed doing it’’.

Aamir Khan is one of the most successful actors today and he as an actor has always dabbled in different genres and has been critically acclaimed and praised for the same. He has been very successful in creating a permanent niche for himself in Bollywood film industry. Now he’s gearing up for his next film after Dangal i.e. Secret Superstar releasing on auspicious eve of Diwali i.e. on 19th October 2017.

Aamir you are a person who goes all out to get in look of his character so tell us something about your character Shakti Kumar…

Well Shakti is a character who’s a music director, composer that’s going a little downhill now as his music business is not going on too well. He’s so full of himself, very self-centred and arrogant too but that’s his personality. He’s very rude to people who doesn’t bother much about other people. Often when he’s talking to you, he will be seen as not listening to you at all so if he asks you a question he’ll not be interested to know your answer to that question as he’s just busy in his own world. So he was a very entertaining character for me to play and I think that hopefully it will be entertaining for people to watch also.

Aamir is it true that your character is inspired by Anu Malik?

No, no it’s not at all inspired from anyone in film industry or anyone else as far I know but you might just see the jhalak or glimpses of various types of people in it.

Is your character in film inspired from old times music composers like OP Nayyar or C Ramchandra?

No I’ve not even had opportunity of meeting them at all and my character in film is not inspired from old times music composers like OP Nayyar or C Ramchandra to be frank enough.

Aamir sir we’ve always seen you go in a different zone while you prepare yourself for the character in film so what keeps you motivated to do same?

Because this is the work that I love doing and I don’t have to motivate myself for same. I love doing this as this is something that I enjoy doing and I feel it’s a great opportunity for me that as an actor I get to live so many lives in form of film characters and trying to change my inner instinct as a person so I don’t need to motivate myself for same as it happens just naturally. For me it’s not work its play as I enjoy doing it.

Do you miss the character Shakti Kumar that you’ve played in the film?

I am certainly going to miss Shakti Kumar a lot as I had got a certain sort of license where I could do anything to get in skin of character but now that license has finished so yes definitely I’ll miss this character. Well to be very honest, I miss all the characters that I’ve played till now like PK from film PK, Rancho from 3 idiots these are some of my favourite and fascinating characters.

Aamir Sir you had said that Shakti Kumar is a character that’s full of himself so have you met any real character like this and how have you dealt with them?

The best way to deal with characters like Shakti Kumar is that you’ve to humour them as you can’t take them seriously. If I’ve met a real person who’s just like Shakti Kumar then I’ll just smile at that person and be in humour as that’s the best way to deal with a person like that and actually in film also you’ll end up laughing at him as he’s not a character you take seriously and you’ll laugh at his antics that he does when you see the film.

Advait said that a particular line in film is inspired by your real life? Is it true?

What is strange is that I had forgotten that line completely. When I had heard the script I had no memory of that line at all. But Advait reminded me that this is a line that I had said to a child one day during my shoot. I remember that a father and son had come where father was telling me that please try to make him understand and explain him that studies are important if you want to become something in life. He’ll listen to you and will do what you tell him to. The father was very concerned about his son like most of the parents I think. Kid was looking very normal to me as kids are kids and how can we tell a 5 year old kid that what it is to be responsible so I just told the father that don’t worry at all as kids are like bubbles and they’ll just grow in their own pace and flow and come up on their own. You need not take so much tension for them as such. And then they will definitely end up becoming something in life. So that line got stuck in Advait’s mind.

Does Azad ever tell you that he wants to join you in films or something?

Azad has never told me as he has never expressed his desire to act in films at all. I don’t think he has ever seen a full film as he has always seen parts of my films like here and there but so far he’s too small as he has seen some animated films.

Has Azad seen any of your films and if he has what’s his reaction?

Actually he starts getting too scared and just cries. Whenever he sees my films he starts crying. His first film which he saw was PK where there was a scene in which I was running and many goons were running after me that time he got very scared and started crying in screening seeing me getting beaten up by the goons. When he saw Dhoom 3 that time too he was crying.

Recently in past few months very unusual content oriented films like Bareilly ki Barfi have done really well so will this work for Secret Superstar too?

No I don’t think that it’s relevant and also your observation is not at all applicable to Secret Superstar in the sense that unusual films were made even earlier and they’ll be made even after all this so such films will be made all the time in which a lot of them I’ve only done like Taare Zameen Par, PK, 3 Idiots, etc. so that has been happening all along. But this film will succeed only if it turns out to be a good film. Just because it’s an unusual subject does not mean that it’ll work. Every film is going to be judged on its own merit like how well it connects with the audiences and film critics too and it also depends on how well the film tells its story to the people so that’s critical part.

Aamir sir you’re the only actor that keeps test screening for films much before the release so how does it help you?

I started this from my first film ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. It helps me out a great deal in a lot of ways since that’s a very important process for me. As many times we become very close to the material and become very subjective and we lose objectivity towards what we made. So showing it to an audience that has no connection to film making like a regular audience really helps us understand as to how our communication is being received. If there’s some miscommunication then we are able to correct it before the film is complete.

One hidden secret talent that you have which you could share with us …

To be honest really I don’t have any secret hidden talent as my life is an open book for everyone who knows me. I have no hidden talent but yes am an excellent ‘’Settlers of Cuttan’’ game player. It’s a strategy game which I play very well and that’s my hidden talent.

What are other games you play?

I love playing chess, football, cricket, badminton, tennis, table tennis and am very good with these outdoor games. Indoor games I love playing, cards, poker, carom, etc.

Recently your and Amitabh Sir’s looks from ‘’Thugs of Hindostan’’ were leaked so what do you think that does it has a positive or negative impact on film?

Ideally it should not have leaked at all since it’s an important film which we would like to present it to audiences and film critics where we would have loved to present characters at a particular time in a particular way as well which we would still do but ideally it would have been much better if looks would not have leaked but then you all people would also not had given up too.

How was your experience of working with Amitabh Bachchan in ‘’Thugs of Hindostan’’?

I am very happy and excited that my childhood dream of working with the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself has come true finally and it was a very good and great experience of working with him in the film as he’s such an amazing actor.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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