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Interview: Aayush Sharma: Nepotism can help me enter the industry but it’s purely my talent which will help me stay here for longer!!!

The film which is the hot topic to talk over is on the verge of hitting the big screens. Loveyatri has created a sense of excitement in the vision of the viewers. Not just the trailer but also the songs are being widely praised. The film which will mark the debut of Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain under the banner of Salman Khan Films is set to mark its footprints on 5th October, 2018.

Meanwhile we had a conversation with Aayush Sharma.
In an interaction with Cinespeaks, Aayush says…

Q. So was acting all you wanted to do at the first place? Is it like a dream coming true?
I never thought of being an actor, I never considered acting profession seriously as it is I didn’t had any roots to it. I remember that I was doing my weight training at my gym when Sohail Khan came to me and said that he has a film to offer to me. This is about five years back, he wanted me to play the lead in the film he was talking about. Soon I met Salman Bhai and then he also suggested me to be an actor. That’s when I thought of being an actor as it is he himself is suggesting me which means their is some sort of caliber he observed in me. I always loved to watch movies, but it’s when Salman Bhai told me that I can be an actor, I started taking is as a career option. The turning point arise during the filming of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. I was an assistant at that time, to learn all the chops. He asked me to be on set regularly, he wanted me to observe the process of filmmaking. Obviously what goes on-camera is primarily important but what goes on off-camera is equally relevant to understand the filmmaking process. So Bajrangi Bhaijaan was my first film as an assistant, which happened to be a huge hit, it was critically acclaimed. After the massive success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I experienced the magic of this profession. By now, I wanted to act on-camera, I wanted to dance my heart out, and that’s when my training process begins. Prior to which, I wanted to open up a restaurant to earn my daily bread.

Q. As you said that you were nowhere serious about the acting profession, now when you’re on the verge of meeting your debut, as the perception evolved?
I don’t reconsider myself to be an actor, I still believe that I’m a student of this magical school of acting. There’s a long way to go by when I can call myself as an actor. For me, right now the only focus is to entertain people, make them laugh, smile and cry along with me. For me, the success of trailer is not that exciting. Just like Bajrangi Bhaijaan became a cult hit, I want to be a part of the film which can be written down in history.

Q. What was the reaction of your family when they came to know about you’re wondering career?
My dad was extremely happy. No doubt it’s a wonder, as I was least interested in the extra curriculum right from my school days, I was never interested in theater, dancing etc. So for him the wonder was that we belong from a political background. He says that his audition will held in the span of 5 years unlike mine which will be on every Friday. The only stress which they had been me being an introvert is planning to choose a career which is right opposite of it. But eventually I convinced them that let me give it a try. Now when they watch me in the trailers and songs, they’re absolutely mesmerized by the new aura of me. They still wonder that I can shake my booty so well! So now they’re very supportive, they’re proud of me.

Q. So when you met Sohail for the first time, and then waited for so long to get a break so was that period easy for you to pass?
I just completed my graduation and I was trying to figure out what am I gonna do to stay in Mumbai. There’s when I met Sohail Bhai and after 2 years of that I met Salman Bhai through Arpita. So during that 2 years of span, I was planning to open a restaurant. Initially people used to say that I’m a businessman, actually I was an aspiring businessman.

Q. No doubt the trailer and songs have received a massive response, but besides that there were several people who posted negative comments on social platform related to nepotism and stuff so what’s your take on that?
I genuinely feel that I’m lucky! There are several people out there who are absolutely talented but still fail to get a proper platform. I’m lucky to get a platform through Salman Bhai. Having said that Salman Bhai can put me on-camera. From there it’s the relationship between me and the audience. IF they like to watch me, purely on the basis of my talent than I shall lead to a great career, else I’ll face a downfall. History has witnessed that there are several unfortunates who belong from the huge filmy background but failed miserably to create their image and on the same note, there are people who are known as self-made superstars. And I’m ready to take up all the challenges which will come on my way. I’m the type of person who can’t take no as an answer. I can’t take rejections, I shall rather search for the positive side of it. Having said that, there are several people who have asked me that making a debut under such a huge banner brings up pressure and I always say that it’s a blessing to have the back support of such a huge name and that’s the reason the film is into the talks. Else how difficult is it for a debut actor and director to create the buzz.

Q. Were there films which were offered to you before Loveyatri?
There were couple of films which were offered to me prior to Loveyatri, some from different production houses and some from SKF. But there was certain kind of doubt which I had in my mind with those scripts. No doubt every film has its own destiny and no actor, director or producer can predict the success rate of a particular film. But I wanted to satisfy myself, I wished to take off from the film I’m confident about. And when I heard the narration of Loveyatri, so the initial instinct which I experienced was that the plot is beautiful. The script is engaging and that’s exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have imagined any better debut than that of Loveyatri. It’s my first film, besides that I’ve eight songs in the film, best choreographers, best costume designers, best plot and Salman Khan’s name, I couldn’t have asked anything better!

Q. Salman Khan is introducing you, he’s like a mentor to you isn’t he?
I’ve been on his wings for sure. And the only thing which he keeps telling me is that I should learn from his mistakes. He also says that it’s my choice post Loveyatri. If I want to discuss the films I’m planning to do he’ll always welcome me, even if I go ahead with my own choice, he appreciates both the ways. And I’ll always need him, I’ll always need his support, his opinions, the knowledge and experience which he possess is incredible, I’m too new to discover my own paths and I shall seek for his views on everything related to my acting profession.

Q. Salman Khan has that caution that he do not kiss on-screen, so do you even have some criteria?
I don’t think that there is a need of any kissing scene in a film. I’m a very shy a person and I’ll refrain from such scenes as for now at least.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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